Where to Find Dead Island 2’s Best Weapons

Dead Island 2's best weapons include fire axes, electric swords, and a rocket launcher that fits in your pocket.

Dead Island 2 Weapons
Photo: Deep Silver

At the end of the day, Dead Island 2 is all about killing as many zombies as you can with as much style as you can. That being the case, you’re going to want to find the game’s best and most powerful weapons at some point.

As you have probably guessed, most of Dead Island 2‘s best weapons belong to the game’s Legendary and Unique categories. While you can’t go wrong with any of the weapons that fall into those classes, it turns out that there are quite a few powerful weapons in the game that you might overlook if you’re only looking for the rarest items. That being the case, here’s a brief guide on where to find the most powerful weapons in various stages of your Dead Island 2 adventure.

Dead Island 2’s Best Weapons: Emma’s Wrath

Emma’s Wrath is the undisputed best weapon in Dead Island 2

This massive sledgehammer is capable of knocking down even the largest groups of enemies with its powerful Shockwave ability. However, it really shines in boss fights where its raw melee power absolutely rips through single targets. Few other weapons offer so much AoE and single-target melee damage potential. It also looks pretty badass. 

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Where to find Emma’s Wrath

You’ll acquire Emma’s Wrath after beating the final story mission in the game. That means that it’s really only used during the post-game content, but the wait is worth it. 

Dead Island 2’s Best Weapons: Big Shot

Don’t be fooled by this gun’s small size. It’s actually a rocket launcher you can fit in your pocket, and it’s absolutely as powerful as that description makes it sound. 

Big Shot fires three explosive rounds at once, which makes it especially useful for clearing out packs of zombies. However, because those rockets also deal status damage to anything that survives, Big Shot really shines when you’re fighting a tough single target in the middle of a large group of lesser zombies. It’s just a must-have gun. 

Where to Find Big Shot

You’ll unlock Big Shot by completing the It’s Not Your Fault mission in Bel Air. Luciana will give you this mission in Emma’s Mansion.

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Dead Island 2’s Best Weapons: Blood Rage

There are a few Dead Island 2 characters that largely rely on quick hits and successive melee strikes, and those characters should go out of their way to find Blood Rage.

Blood Rage is a fast-striking knife that inflicts massive Bleed damage and targets enemies’ heads for devastating Critical Strikes. It is pretty much the only “quick” weapon in the game that doesn’t sacrifice much in the power department. For certain builds, it’s the first weapon you should go out of your way for, and the last one you’ll need.

Where to Find Blood Rage

You’ll acquire Blood Rage by completing the Lost & Found: Fool’s Gold quest in Santa Monica Pier. This is a particularly tricky quest that requires you to solve some obtuse puzzles. The payoff is obviously worth it, though. 

Dead Island 2’s Best Weapons: The One

Yes, this is a reference to the Highlander sword, and yes, this sword is an absolute unit. 

While this sword can be used to cleave through mobs of zombies, it really shines during boss fights thanks to its special ability that applies the Weakened status effect with each successful hit. It tears through some of Dead Island 2’s toughest enemies, and it deserves to be in your arsenal for that attribute alone. 

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Where to Find The One

You’ll earn The One by completing the Beacon of Hope sidequest in the Hollywood Boulevard area. 

Dead Island 2’s Best Weapons: Red Dragon Shotgun

Guns aren’t always your best option in Dead Island 2, but you can’t argue with what the Red Dragon brings to the party. 

This incredible shotgun not only quickly burns through large packs of zombies but works especially well against single targets that quickly succumb to its status effect bonuses. If it’s not the best overall gun in the game, it’s certainly one that you’ll be able to equip and forget. It’s just insanely powerful in most situations. 

Where to find the Red Dragon Shotgun

You can purchase the Red Dragon Shotgun from the Trader on Ocean Avenue.

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Dead Island 2’s Best Weapons: Wildstyle

Fire is an invaluable asset against Dead Island 2’s zombie hordes, and Wildstyle is one of the best fire-based weapons in the game. 

Kill one zombie with Wildstyle, and that zombie will leave a pool of flames in its wake. It’s pretty much impossible for the zombies around the corpse to avoid the flames, so Wildstyle effectively serves as a melee flamethrower. It’s incredibly powerful and a ton of fun. 

Where to Find Wildstyle

You’ll earn Wildstyle by completing the Art of War side mission on Ocean Avenue. Just know that this side mission is incredibly tough and could be too much for solo players to handle early on. 

Dead Island 2’s Best Weapons: Party Starter

Brass Knuckles are generally more effective in Dead Island 2 than you might think, and Party Starter is the best set of Brass Knuckles in the game. 

Party Starter’s fire abilities offer the usual advantages, but these knuckles are more than fire starters. Their rapid-fire attacks quickly wear down most enemies and allow you to eventually pull off powerful Heavy Attacks. This is a fantastic weapon for quick-strike builds looking for help during boss fights. 

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Where to Find Party Starter

You’ll earn the Party Starter by completing the Lost and Found: Drunk and Disorderly quest. It’s kind of a lengthy quest, so you may want to skip it if you’re not looking for this kind of weapon. 

Dead Island 2’s Best Weapons: Brutalizer

The alternative name to this weapon could have just as easily been the meat grinder. It might be a melee weapon, but it functions more like a buzzsaw shotgun. 

The Brutalizer’s Contagion effect essentially allows it to deal its damage across large groups of enemies rather quickly. Every hit makes it just a little stronger, which means that it tears through mobs with quick swings alone and is surprisingly effective against larger targets as well. You can’t go wrong with this weapon. 

Where to Find Brutalizer

You’ll acquire the Brutalizer by completing the Body Art sidequest in Beverly Hills

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Dead Island 2’s Best Weapons: Extinction Event

Like the magnums in Resident Evil, this heavy pistol largely exists to deal massive damage to single targets. 

See, the Extinction Event is one of the rare Dead Island 2 weapons that can consistently deal Caustic damage. While useful against packs of zombies, Casting damage is particularly strong against bosses and other tough targets. Each shot makes the target just a little weaker, which means that this thing almost literally melts through enemies with just a few rounds.

Where to Find Extinction Event

Complete the Justifiable Zombicide mission in Beverly Hills. It’s a main story mission, so you can’t really miss it.

Dead Island 2’s Best Weapons: Electrocutor Officer’s Sword (Best Early Game Weapon)

Finally, we have the weapon that you’ll probably be using for most of the game before you start acquiring some of the weapons listed above. 

Electrocutor Officer’s Sword is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s a Cavalry Sword with an incredibly fast attack rate that also deals a respectable amount of electric damage. It’s not fancy, but it’s better than every other early weapon in the game by some distance. You’ve got to go out of your way for this one. 

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Where to find Electrocutor Officer’s Sword

Electrocutor Officer’s Sword can be found during The Clean & Snatch quest located by the pool in the Beverly Hills mansion. Follow the quest, and you’ll find Obi’s Key. Use that key on the chest by the pool, and this powerful sword is all yours.