Tears of the Kingdom: Fastest Rupee Farming Tricks For the Early and Late Game

You'll need a lot of Rupees throughout your Tears of the Kingdom adventure, and it's a lot easier to earn Rupees if you follow these farming methods.

Tears of the Kingdom Rupees
Photo: Nintendo

Rupees are a surprisingly valuable resource in Tears of the Kingdom. While you will be able to scrounge most of what you need throughout the game, some incredibly valuable items (including armor) can only be acquired with Rupees. Unfortunately, Rupees aren’t always easy to come by…unless you know how to farm them, of course.

Here are the best ways to farm and earn Rupees during every major part of your Tears of the Kingdom adventure.

Tears of the Kingdom: Early Game Rupee Farming Methods

There aren’t a ton of true “farming” methods available during Tears of the Kingdom’s earliest hours. Instead, you’ll want to rely on a few fairly painless Rupee earning methods to earn the capital (and resources) needed to work your way toward the other farming methods we’ll be talking about. 

So far as that goes, here are the best things you can do to earn Rupees in the earliest parts of Tears of the Kingdom:

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  • Complete the Addison challenges. Addison is an NPC found around Hyrule who will task you with a very simple quest involving setting up signs for a character named President Hudson. The quests are quick, they’re easy, they’re fairly abundant, and they reward you with a decent amount of Ruppes in relation to the effort they require. 
  • Defeat Blupees. Blupees are glowing creatures found near caves. You can find some of them in the Satori Mountain Cave just southwest of Lookout Landing. They drop Rupees every time you hit them, but they are incredibly fast. As such, you’ll want to get airborne when you see one, pull out your bow to stop time, and pelt them with as many arrows as you can. It’s a great way to quickly replenish your Rupee reserves. 
  • Explore caves for resources. Caves are a fantastic early source for valuable resources such as gems. While it’s best to sell gems at a vendor in Goron City who will give you a better price for them, your early gems will still fetch good a good price at other vendors
  • Sell everything. Seriously, just get rid of it. Food, gems, resources…everything must go in the early parts of the game. There are very few items you’ll find that can’t be replaced, and those early Rupees will get you the armor and resources you’ll need to reach better farming methods. 

These (and other) methods will earn you Rupees throughout the game, but again, they’re not true farming methods. You’ll just want to use these methods early on to earn some quick Rupees for your further adventures and to acquire the resources you need to “unlock” true farming methods.

Best Mid-Game Tears of the Kingdom Rupee Farming Method: Raw Gourmet Meat Skewers

Breath of the Wild fans may already know this, but one of the best ways to make Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom is to farm and sell meat skewers. 

Generally speaking, selling excess food is a great way to make extra Rupees. However, the ultimate prize is Raw Gourmet Meat. If you combine five pieces of Raw Gourmet Meat in a cooking pot to make a skewer, you can sell that skewer for 315 Rupees. A small collection of such skewers will be more than enough to buy you even some of the most expensive armor sets in the game. 

To farm Raw Gourmet Meat, you’ll want to head to the Tabantha Tundra area of the map. You’ll find it in the top left area of the Hyrule overworld map near Snowfield Stable. You will need cold weather gear (or cold resistance food) to survive in this area. I’ve also heard that you’ll need to complete the Hebra portion of the Regional Phenomena quest before getting here, though I haven’t been able to test going directly to this area yet. 

In any case, this area is full of wildlife that can drop Raw Gourmet Meat and other valuable resources. Ride around the area on your horse, hunt the animals you find (preferably with a bow), and repeat the process as needed while giving them time to respawn. At a certain point in the game, this appears to be the quickest and easiest way to consistently earn extra Rupees when you need them. 

Best Late Game Tears of the Kingdom Rupee Farming Method: The Eventide Island Glider Exploit

I believe this method was discovered (or popularized) by YouTuber KibblesGaming. At the moment, it certainly seems to be the best method for farming Rupees in the late game. 

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“Late game” is the key phrase here. To utilize this method, you will need to reach Eventide Island, which is found at the southeast corner of the map past the East Necluda region. If you’re trying to reach this area as early as possible, you’ll want to use the Rabella Westlands Skyview Tower to launch yourself in this direction. Just know that you will need to make stops at sky islands along the way if you don’t yet have enough stamina to make the full gliding journey. 

Ultimately, you’re trying to get to either Soka Point or Cape Kale in this region. You’ll find both on this map:

Tears of the Kingdom Eventide Island Map

If you’re going to Soka Point, it’s relatively easy to build a raft and simply cross the ocean to Eventide Island (assuming you have the materials to build a boat). From Cape Kale, you can actually use either a simple Zonai Wing or even a paraglider to reach the island. Just know that the latter method requires a ton of Stamina (whether permanent or temporary. 

Once you’re at Eventide Island, look for an NPC named Sesami near Toronbo Beach (found near the northernmost part of the island). He’ll tell you about some nearby pirate strongholds that he wants you to clear out. 

This is the toughest part of this farming method. The strongholds consist of large packs of high-level enemies. You can probably cheese these fights early in the game with the right resources and tactics, but you might be better off waiting for some extra health, armor, and weapons before you try to take these pirates out. 

Once you clear the initial hideouts, talk to Sesami again. He’ll update your quest with the location of a secret hideout at the southern part of the island. Once you reach this cave (which requires you to take a leap of faith and glide around a cliffside into a secret cove), you’ll find another high-level group of pirates guarding a ship. You’ll need to clear them out using whatever methods are available to you. 

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Before you leave this area, be sure to build a bridge from the ship to the nearby Marari-in Shrine. Triggering that Shrine will allow you to fast travel to it later on, which also allows you to quickly return to this farming method.

When that’s done, return to Sesami for a reward. However, the real reward is found when you go back to that pirate cove, climb the crow’s nest on the ship, and ascend through the cave roof. On the other side, you’ll run into a group of NPCs that challenge you to land a Zonai Wing at the center of some target-style rings found in the middle of the ocean. It costs 20 Rupees to participate, but the investment is worth it.

If you manage to land in the center of that water target, you’ll earn 100 Rupees. However, if you happen to hit the absolute “bulls-eye” of the target, you’ll receive a whopping 300 Rupees. You can repeat this challenge as many times as you want, and it takes less than a minute to complete. Minus your investment, that means you can earn 80 to 280 Rupees every time you participate.

Ideally, you’ll get the hang of this challenge after trying it out a few times. However, KibblesGaming has discovered an exploit that allows you to hit the dead center of the target every time by abusing Recall. His video shows a refined version of this method, but it basically involves retracing a path over the center of the target, rewinding your path over and over again, and slowly working your way to the dead center of the target every time. 

Again, because you can fast-travel to this point and repeat this guaranteed process as often as you’d like, it’s one of the most surefire money makers in the game. Stay here for an hour or so, practice your technique, and you’ll earn thousands of Rupees.