How to Buy a PS5 and Xbox Series X on Black Friday

Looking to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X during Black Friday weekend? These retailers may be your best bet.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X Stock
Photo: Saeed Khan and Charly Triballeau/Getty

Black Friday is a retail nightmare, but for the unfortunate gamers still trying to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S before the end of 2020, the biggest shopping weekend of the year may be their best bet.

While the already chaotic nature of the next-gen retail market will likely make buying a PS5 or Xbox Series X during Black Friday weekend very difficult, we have found several retailers that have either confirmed that they will be selling next-gen consoles during Black Friday weekend or are highly likely to be among your best bets.

Here’s where you might be able to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X on Black Friday:


Amazon has not confirmed that it intends to restock either the PS5 or Xbox Series X in time for Black Friday weekend. In fact, Amazon’s restock schedule has been notoriously random so far.

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As one of the largest retailers in the world, though, we’d be shocked if Amazon didn’t have at least a small supply of next-gen consoles over the Black Friday weekend, especially if retailers like Best Buy and Walmart have already announced their intentions to restock the next-gen consoles this week.

Buy Xbox Series X, Series S, or PS5 at Amazon


While Walmart’s site has taken a beating during next-gen console release season for various glitches throughout launch, the retailer has actually been one of the more reliable sources for restocks over the past few weeks.

That trend will continue on November 25 at 9 P.M. EST when Walmart plans to release more PS5 and Xbox Series X units online. While it’s nice that Walmart has alerted shoppers to exactly when the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be available, that also means that more people will be trying to get one at the same time, which could lead to more tech issues.

Buy Xbox Series X, Series S, or PS5 at Walmart


The good news is that GameStop intends to sell as many Xbox Series X/S and PS5s as possible on Black Friday. It seems that the retailer’s plan is to offer a small amount of each console (at least two of each) at all of its participating retail locations on that day. You can check the GameStop website for more information regarding your store’s policies, contact info, and the projected availability of each console.

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The bad news is that this approach will require you to go to a GameStop on Black Friday in the middle of a pandemic. Even then, you’re going to have to hope that you’re somehow able to snag what will almost assuredly be a very limited amount of units at each store. It’s not an ideal scenario, and GameStop has not indicated how many units it intends to release online at the start of the Black Friday sales.

Buy Xbox Series X, Series S, or PS5 at GameStop

Best Buy

Best Buy is in kind of an odd spot heading into Black Friday. The store restocked both the PS5 and Xbox Series X on Nov. 22, but it hasn’t announced any official plans to offer more units of either console during the actual Black Friday weekend.

However, Best Buy will be offering a selection of Black Friday deals on both Nov. 26 and Nov. 28. While there’s no guarantee that either console will be restocked on either of those dates, it’s a good idea to check Best Buy’s online store around that time to see if you can get lucky.

Buy Xbox Series X, Series S, or PS5 at Best Buy

Microsoft Store

Microsoft has not yet commented on whether or not its will restock the Xbox Series X/S on its online store in time for Black Friday weekend. In fact, the Microsoft Store hasn’t restocked on its next-gen consoles quite as often as Sony Direct has.

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It’s possible Microsoft has been holding off on smaller restocks in order to prepare for a more sizable restock sometime during Black Friday weekend. This is speculation, of course, but it seems like a safe bet that the Microsoft Store will be selling next-gen consoles sometime during the holiday weekend.

Buy Xbox Series X or Series S at Microsoft Store

Sony Direct

This probably won’t come as too much of a surprise, but Sony Direct is one of the best places to buy a PS5. The site’s inventory has been restocked with PS5s and PS5 Digital Editions every few days since the consoles were launched.

While past restocks suggest that the Sony Direct store will have more PS5s available sometime during the Black Friday weekend, Sony has not confirmed whether or not the store will have more units available at that time or how many units of each console could be added to the store. This seems like a good place to watch on Black Friday, but there are no guarantees.

Buy PS5 at Sony Direct

Other Retailers

While it’s entirely possible that other major (or minor) retailers will restock the PS5 and Xbox Series X during Black Friday, it should be noted that outlets like Kohls, BJ’s, and Target seem like less likely options at this time.

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Some of those retailers may end up offering additional units via in-store promotions that will vary wildly from location to location, but visiting a store during Black Friday weekend in the middle of a pandemic on the off chance there are an extra couple of consoles floating around in the back is hardly a desirable option.