What Is PS5 Remote Play and How Does it Work?

The PS5 remote play app allows you to access the next-gen console via various devices, including the PS4, but there are a few details you need to know first.

PlayStation DualSense
Photo: Sony

Sony surprised many people recently by revealing that the PS5 will support an updated version of the PS4’s Remote Play app.

The basic functionality of the PS5 Remote Play app will allow you to access your PS5 via devices that, simply put, are not a PS5. That means that if your PS5 is hooked up to the same WiFi connection as your PS4, PC, or select mobile devices, you’ll be able to play the next-gen console (and access other next-gen features) without actually needing to play the next-gen console.

That all sounds nice, but it’s when you dive into the details of that arrangement that some fascinating questions emerge. While it’s clear that some of the answers to those questions won’t be solved until more people are able to try the PS5’s Remote Play app in real-world situations, here are some of the more important things you need to know about this exciting service:

What Devices are Supported by the PS5 Remote Play App?

Currently, the Remote Play app allows you to access your PS5 via the following platforms:

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  • PS4
  • PS4 Pro
  • PC
  • Compatible Android Devices
  • Compatible iOS Devices

While we strongly suspect that you’ll eventually be able to use the PS5 Remote Play app on Macs as well, we’re still waiting on the official update that fully supports that platform.

Where Do I Download the PS5 Remote Play App?

If you’ve recently updated your PS4, you should find that the PS5 Remote Play app has automatically been added to that console’s dashboard. If not, you should be able to find it via the PlayStation Store.

As for the PS5…well, you’ll obviously need a PS5 to enable the app there. However, once you have one, you’ll easily be able to access the PS5 Remote Play app by following these steps:

  1. Open “Settings”
  2. Navigate to “System”
  3. Choose “Remote Play”
  4. Turn on “Enable Remote Play”

There are also PlayStation remote play apps available for iOS and Android, which were supposedly updated for the PS5. We say “supposedly” for the simple fact that the PS5 hasn’t been publicly released and that we’ve not yet been able to test whether or not it’s currently possible to access the PS5 via a mobile device and enjoy the service’s full intended functionality.

Can I Use a DualShock 4 to Play PS5 Games on PS4?

You may recall that Sony previously stated that you cannot use a PS4 controller on the PS5 to play PS5 games. This left many fans wondering whether or not you will be able to use a PS4 controller to play PS5 games while using your PS4 to remotely access your PS5.

As it turns out, you can use a PS4 controller to play PS5 games via Remote Play.

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Eurogamer tested this feature and not only confirmed that PS4 controllers can be used to play PS5 games through the Remote Play app but that you can even use PS4 controllers to access the PS5’s Control Center features. Having said that, you obviously won’t be able to access certain DualSense features (most notably, adaptive trigger feedback) while using a PS4 controller.

So why doesn’t Sony just let you use a PS4 controller natively connected to a PS5 to play PS5 games? The company previously explained that “PS5 games should take advantage of the new capabilities and features we’re bringing to the platform,” but the fact that Sony enabled that functionality via the Remote Play app suggests that it’s not really that much of a stretch.

Hopefully, Sony eventually updates the PS5 firmware to allow you to connect a PS4 controller to the PS5 and use it to play more than PS4 games.