Overwatch 2: How to Earn Overwatch League Rewards

Even though Overwatch 2 has supplanted Overwatch, the Overwatch League Play-Offs are still going strong, and once everyone can earn some fancy rewards.

Overwatch 2 Rewards
Photo: Activision Blizzard

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The launch of Overwatch 2 has been tumultuous, to say the least. Players have encountered bugs, slogged their way through tutorials, and felt burned over monetization. So what better way to forget all that (or, at least, dull the anger) than with some free Overwatch League skins? Of course, wanting those skins and actually unlocking them is quickly proving to be separate things.

While Overwatch 2 is still going through some growing pains, its competitive spirit remains as strong as ever thanks to the Overwatch League. 20 teams are going head to head for a chance at a $2.55 million pot. However, the top 12 squads won’t be the only Overwatch League winners since viewers can tune in to earn rewards. According to the official Overwatch League site, viewers can acquire League tokens, skins for every hero, and other cosmetics such as sprays, name cards, and player icons.

As with games that run similar viewership compensation programs, earning rewards via the Overwatch League is a simple affair. First, sign into your Battle.net account (or register one) and make sure it is connected to your copy of Overwatch 2. Then, link that account to your YouTube channel. Finally, just watch Overwatch League matches live or through encore broadcasts on your computer or mobile device. Unfortunately, embedded players and the YouTube app on your TV or game console don’t count, so be sure you’re going through YouTube or the Overwatch League website.

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The first rewards, League tokens, are earned at a rate of five tokens per hour of viewership, plus however many sponsors also provide. Delivery will take up to 48 hours, but once they arrive, you can use these tokens in the in-game shop. Want to show support for your favorite team? The Overwatch 2 store includes a dedicated section so you can deck out your favorite characters in the colors and insignias of any Overwatch League participants. Alternatively, you can spend a few more tokens (ok, a lot more) on legendary skins such as Clockwork Zenyatta and Luchador Reaper. Unfortunately, those tokens expire on December 31, 2022, so think again if you plan on saving these items for next year’s Overwatch League.

As for the non-store skins, sprays, and other cosmetics, viewers can still earn them in much the same way as tokens but at a much slower rate. The “Overwatch League Gray Hero Skin,” for instance, is doled out after watching the playoffs for a total of five hours, while a special spray is provided after two hours of viewership. Those are far from the only available rewards, though. For every three hours you tune in during the playoffs, you will receive the following drops:

  • 3 hours: Bastion, Genji, and Tracer skin, plus a Grand Finals 1 spray
  • 6 hours: Hanzo, Mei, and Mercy skin, plus a Zhulong player icon
  • 9 hours: Ana Brigitte, and Zenyatta skin, plus a Luchador player icon
  • 12 hours: Ashe, D.Va, and Wrecking Ball skin, plus a Royal Knight player icon
  • 15 hours: Cassidy, Echo, and Pharah skin, plus a Happi player icon
  • 18 hours: Baptiste, Roadhog, and Sigma skin, plus a clockwork player icon
  • 21 hours: Orisa, Soldier: 76, Sombra, and Reinhardt skin, plus OWL Turns 5 player icon
  • 24 hours: Doomfist, Symmetra, and Torbjorn skin, plus Lucio Dance Party emote
  • 27 hours: Junkrat, Lucio, Moira, and Reaper skin
  • 30 hours: Widowmaker, Winston, and Zarya skin, plus 100 League tokens

Furthermore, anyone who watches the Grand Finals will receive a special spray, name card, and skin for Junker Queen and Kiriko once they hit the 30 minutes, 1-hour, and 2-hours viewed marks.

That covers the long and short of the Overwatch League playoff rewards. While watching for 30+ hours seems like a grueling task, especially for those who work 9-5 jobs, it’s actually easier than you think. Just set up your computer to stream the broadcast and not go to sleep, and then go to work. Some new Overwatch 2 skins and tokens will be waiting for you when you return.