MultiVersus: How to Earn and Give Toast

Instead of letting players say "GG" to their allies (or enemies), MultiVersus lets gamers give other players…a piece of toast. Here's what you need to know about that strange currency.

Multiversus Toast
Photo: WB Games

MultiVersus really puts the “multi” in “multiplayer.” After all, most of the platform fighter’s chaotic matches consist of two players using every power, strategy, and combo available to them to take down another team of two trying to do the same. Since teamwork is at the forefront of the MultiVersus experience, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it wants everyone to play (relatively) nice. As such, the game offers a novel, if strange, way of letting players say “GG.”

Throughout the myriad of instructional pages in MultiVersus, players will find references to something called “Toast.” An icon for that same item greets gamers who visit the Collection tab, and, after each match, players are even offered the option to give their opponents and allies a piece of the collectible carb.

That’s nice and all, but it seems that many MultiVersus players still have a lot of questions about that strange item. For instance, what is Toast? How do you acquire it? Does it come with butter or jam? Thankfully, the answers to most of those questions (we’ll get back to you on the butter/jam thing) are all quite simple.

MultiVersus: What Is Toast?

If you open the Glossary page of MultiVersus (it’s the book icon on the left side), shift over to the Economy section, and scroll all the way down, the game provides a fairly succinct explanation of what Toast is:

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Tip you can award other players, granting them GOLD.”

That’s about as self-explanatory as you can get. After a hard-fought battle, players can shake hands and give each other a Toast-shaped token of appreciation worth 25 Gold, but only if participants don’t want a rematch. If they do, players have to wait until after the next fight to Toast their allies and enemies.

Of course, participants can’t give themselves Toast since that would defeat the purpose of the system, but anyone who wants to spread the wealth can simply click on the “Give Toast” button above each character’s icon in the Results screen. It’s as simple as that.

MultiVersus: How Do You Earn or Buy Toast?

Understandably, players need to have Toast in order to give Toast. Thankfully, MultiVersus isn’t stingy when it comes to those tokens.

Gamers can easily buy Toast via the Collection section or the results screen by clicking the Toast icon (it’s the button with a “+” in front of a piece of toast). 350 Gold will buy you 10 pieces of Toast. Crucially, though, players can also earn Toast by progressing through the game.

The MultiVersus Battle Pass hands out five pieces at free tier four and 10 more at premium tiers six and ten (that structure could potentially change as the upcoming Season One Battle Pass is eventually updated).

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If that’s not enough for you, each character in the game also has its own progression bar that lets players earn different rewards (such as perks and icons). Tier three on each character’s progression bar rewards players with five pieces of Toast. So, while gamers should try to focus on mastering certain MultiVerus characters if they’re looking to rank up or just improve their overall game, anyone who wants some free Toast should try out different fighters. Besides, you never know who you might end up liking.