MLB Players League: Fernando Tatis Jr. Steals The Show On Night 3

The MLB Players League may have found its first superstar in Fernando Tatis Jr. We break down night three.

MLB The Show Players League Fernando Tatis Jr.
Photo: Getty Images / Art by Jessica Koynock

Fernando Tatis Jr., Jeff McNeil and Bo Bichette each wound up having a pretty solid Sunday night in their MLB The Show Players League debuts.

And, well, Ryne Stanek’s pup peed on the floor.

Night three was one of highs and lows all around for the six streaming competitors in the new MLB The Show 20 league, which debuted Friday. Here’s a look at some of the highs and lows from the action.

Fernandomania: Digital Edition

Tatis found his San Diego Padres down 3-2 with 2 out in the top of the second, with McNeil’s New York Mets having just surrendered a solo shot to right followed by a four-pitch walk. It looked as if the mini rally would die with a liner to center, but the outfielder wasn’t quite under the ball marker as it got down for an error that proved costly in the next at-bat. Tatis, as leadoff hitter Tommy Pham, launched a 3-run shot to the left field corner to take the lead, causing McNeil to toss his controller into the air in frustration and Tatis to fall back with glee.

The young shortstop found himself celebrating a ton of bombs on his way to a 3-1 night, including one more as Pham in extra innings against McNeil for a 10-5 victory. Of course, Tatis hadn’t yet turned his audio on by this point, but his exuberant body language did all the talking. He went on to walk it off with a solo blast as Manny Machado against Luke Jackson’s Atlanta Braves, who went 1-3 on the night. He even belted one as himself against Bichette’s Toronto Blue Jays, repeatedly shouting in celebration, “I’m feeling myself.”

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Early Contenders

Tatis wasn’t alone in having a strong, 3-1 start to Players League competition. Bichette handed the Padres their only loss, with his lone defeat coming to Lucas Giolito and the Chicago White Sox — who, by the way, had the most polished, engaging stream of the evening and finished 2-2 Sunday. 

McNeil might have gone 4-0 if not for his fateful error in the evening’s opener. He went on to beat Jackson, Giolito and Stanek by a combined 14-2. 

Stanek’s Bad Night

Hard to imagine the Miami Marlins’ player representative in the league having a worse night. Stanek’s Fish were outscored, 19-1, over four games, with the lone run coming against Giolito in a 7-1 thrashing.

Poetically, Stanek’s dog Goose couldn’t hold his water, having an accident in the house while the Marlins pitcher was between MLB The Show matchups. 

“No peeing in the house, buddy,” Stanek calmly reminded his four-legged pal, who gave him a loving lick on the bearded chin in return.

MLB Players League Night 3 Results

Tatis 10, McNeil 5
Bichette 2, Stanek 0
Jackson 1, Giolito 0
Bichette 6, Tatis 4
McNeil 6, Jackson 0
Giolito 7, Stanek 1
McNeil 5, Giolito 2
Bichette 6, Jackson 0
Tatis 7, Stanek 0
Giolito 3, Bichette 1
Tatis 4, Jackson 3
McNeil 3, Stanek 0

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