Indiana Jones Voice Actor Troy Baker Does Best Harrison Ford Impression In Great Circle Trailer

A new trailer for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle offers our first look at gameplay, but it's the character's voice actor that is really causing a stir.

Indiana Jones
Photo: Bethesda

Three years after Bethesda released the first teaser trailer for developer MachineGames (Wolfenstein: The New Order) new Indiana Jones game, the publisher finally revealed actual gameplay footage of the project that is now officially titled Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. While there’s quite a lot to say about what we saw in that trailer, the biggest takeaway from the preview may instead be something we heard: Indiana Jones’ voice actor.

Indiana Jones has a surprising amount of things to say in the first gameplay trailer for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, but his voice may be more notable than his words. In fact, shortly after the trailer was released, some were left wondering if Bethesda had actually convinced Harrison Ford to step into the voice booth and reprise his role for the upcoming game. Others speculated that the studio must have simply found a fairly convincing impersonator.

However, Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Indiana Jones will be voiced by Troy Baker in The Great Circle. Many of you may know Baker’s name by this point in his illustrious career, but most of you are almost certainly familiar with some of the video game characters he has previously voiced (including The Last of Us‘ Joel, BioShock Infinite protagonist Booker DeWitt, and various characters in the Batman: Arkham games). Baker also previously voiced Nathan Drake’s brother Samuel Drake in Uncharted 4, which is quite funny given that Uncharted is basically gaming’s biggest love letter to the Indiana Jones franchise.

Baker is reportedly quite excited to voice Indiana Jones (who wouldn’t be?) with MachineGames co-founder Jerk Gustafsson telling EW that the actor is a “very big Indiana Jones fan” who “brings forward that charm and sense of humor in such a good way.” That same article also confirms that Tony Todd and Alessandra Mastronardi will join Baker in the game’s already-stacked voice cast.

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Fans are a little more mixed about this casting decision. For as acclaimed as Baker’s performances generally are, his absurdly prolific output in recent years has generated some natural animosity towards him in some corners of the internet. Simply put, there are just those who are tired of seeing him secure so many roles that could have gone to other performers. Other dissenters feel that the role calls for more than a Harrison Ford impression.

However, that was always going to be difficult to pull off. Not only is Indiana Jones clearly modeled after Harrison Ford in The Great Circle (despite much of the game taking place in first-person), but the game is set between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. It certainly would have been odd to see and hear a completely different take on the character given this adventure’s proximity to those films and Ford’s almost inseparably close association with that character.

As for Baker, those who recoil at the sound of his name and voice will naturally have their own opinions. Still, Baker is a proven performer who certainly seems to be more than worthy of the task based on the handful of lines we hear in that trailer. At the very least, he certainly seems capable of voicing a younger version of Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones who is still in his physical prime and ready for Nazi-punching adventures across the globe.

Of course, we’ll have the chance to find out if Baker (and the rest of the game) lives up to the hype when Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is released for Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC sometime late in 2024.