Hearthstone Boomsday Project: Best and Worst Cards

Hearthstone's Boomsday Project is shaping up to be the game's most powerful expansion yet. We take a look at the best and worst cards...

As someone who has played Hearthstone since the game’s closed beta period, I feel confident saying that The Boomsday Project is possibly the most exciting Hearthstone expansion ever released.

There are very few cards in this expansion which don’t do something that it at least theoretically interesting. Even better, there are a ton of cards that either utilize potentially revolutionary mechanics or are just clearly ready to change the game in an immediate way.

However, as with all great expansions, there are always questions regarding which cards are the ones you should absolutely have and which cards are just pretenders. While it’s tough to answer that question with absolute certainty, there are some cards this expansion which seem to be obviously great and some that seem to be getting too much love.

That being the case, here is a quick look at the absolute best cards in Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project (and some of the absolute worst).

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The Boomsday Project: Best Cards

15. Dr. Boom, Mad Genius

One of the most anticipated cards of the set barely makes the “best” cut, and it just snuck onto this list due to the potential of the concept.

There’s another card coming up later on this list that makes Dr. Boom’s ability to give mechs Rush incredibly powerful. Even if that card didn’t exist, Boom’s rotating series of hero powers each feel strong enough to justify the randomness of the concept.

Overall, you’re going to want to keep this card and possibly go out of your way to craft it.

14. Reckless Experimenter

My gut feeling says that Reckless Experimenter is even better than this, but it loses a few points because Deathrattle Priest isn’t really a thing at the moment.

First off, this card has no downside if you play it correctly. Your Deathrattle minions dying at the end of the turn is irrelevant if said minions are super cheap cards with Deathrattle benefits that are more valuable than their presence.

In other words, use this card to cheat some cheap card draw (Loot Hoarder) and minion removal (Voodoo Doll) cards on the board, and you’ll be laughing.

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13. Weapons Project

Here’s another card that will probably prove to be even better than it looks but is sadly handicapped somewhat by the fact it doesn’t easily fit into a powerful, existing deck.

Still, this card is outright good. Giving your opponent a weapon is actually a fantastic benefit. If they’re running a more powerful weapon, you just use this card and destroy it. If they don’t run weapons at all, you play this card and use special weapons destruction cards to destroy that weapon while gaining armor or drawing in the process.

If slower Warrior decks are a thing, this card will be a key part of their lineups.

12. Mecharoo

Mecharoo doesn’t look like much (even if it is freaking cute), but it’s quietly one of the best cards of the set.

If aggressive mech decks turn out to be viable (it looks like they will be viable) then Mecharoo will be an essential part of their strategy. The new Magnetic mechanic means that having a mech on the board at all times is incredibly valuable. Because Mecharoo is a mech within a mech, it will be very hard for an opponent to cleanly remove it from the board. 

Don’t sleep on this card.

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11. Biology Project

Biology Project is one of those cards that is either going to be completely broken or useless. At the moment, I’m leaning towards broken.

Giving your opponent extra mana is one of the worst things you can do, but the fact is that this expansion is going to enable certain Druid decks that just don’t care how much mana their opponents have. Why? Well, it’s because they are going to use the extra mana to pull off some ridiculous win conditions. Meanwhile, their opponent is just playing cards.

You have to be smart with how you use this, but it’s potentially very powerful.

10. Dreampetal Florist

Dreampetal Florist is one of the biggest reasons why people believe that Druid is about to become the strongest class in the game.

The dream scenario for this card is to hit an expensive minion like Malygos and possibly win the game on the next turn with damage from hand. However, lowering the cost of just about any big minion means you are in a position to win the game in the near future.

This is going to be a must-have card in any Druid deck that runs big minions.

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9. Giggling Inventor

Recently, Hearthstone cards that cost five mana and offer some kind of defensive option have found their way into a lot of decks. So far as that goes, this is one of the best cards of that type that Blizzard has ever released.

At the moment, most classes have very few clean ways to deal with the little defensive minions this card creates. There are cards that will deal with the board state generated by this one card, but they’re not very popular at the moment.

Unless those counter cards become popular, you should be running Giggling Inventor in all but the most aggressive decks.

8. Juicy Psychmelon

Some people are already saying this is one of the most powerful cards in the history of Hearthstone. However, I’m not quite that sold on its power level in Hearthstone’s standard mode.

Still, this card enables some incredible possibilities. First off, you don’t need to draw all four possible minions to get value out of this card. Drawing one or two cards that will contribute to you winning the game more than justifies playing this card.

There’s a chance that this card will prove to be overkill, but it’s potential is just too great to ignore.

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7. Glow-Tron

There’s nothing really exciting about this card, but there’s also no world in which this Glow-Tron doesn’t get played from now until further notice.

This card’s stats are strong, its mech tag is incredibly relevant, and its ability to magnetize to other minions makes it useful in the late game. Any Paladin mech deck (which will probably prove to be quite strong) is going to run two of these and will probably win most of the games in which they draw it early.

This is an absurdly powerful card disguised as a simple one.

6. Electra Stormsurge

Electra Stormsurge is another card that has a 0% chance of being anything less than good.

This card’s stats are perfectly fine, and its effect can be utilized by any Shaman deck that runs spells (which is the vast majority of Shaman decks). Will it win you the game outright? Probably not, but that depends on how much you’re willing to build your deck around this card.

Still, this effect is useful every single time you use it. Stormsurge is just an incredibly versatile card.

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5. Omega Assembly

We finally come to the card that makes so many Warrior decks better than they would otherwise be.

As a one mana card, Omega Assembly is perfectly acceptable. However, if you manage to hold out until you have 10 mana crystals (which shouldn’t be hard to do), then you are going to be able to outlast most slower decks in the game.

Combine this cards resource generation abilities with the new Warrior cards that let you cheat minions into play and give mechs additional abilities, and you’ve got a card that is going to contribute to a lot of warrior wins. 

4. Kangor’s Endless Army

Kangor’s Endless Army is an insane card that has a high probability of being nerfed at some point in the near future.

First off, we’ve established that Paladins and mechs are generally strong in this expansion. That being the case, the ability to summon three mechs you’ve previously played that retain all of their buffs is, theoretically, absolutely nuts.

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In fact, it might be worth playing this card just to resummon one particularly strong minion. It will see a lot of play.

3. Zilliax

If you buy into the idea that mech decks are going to be very strong, then you have to believe that Zilliax is going to be one of the best cards of the upcoming set.

Put this card on almost any mech in the game, and you will get immediate value out of it. Put this card on certain mechs, and you will possibly be able to close or stabilize any game. Re-summon the minion you buffed with Zilliax with the Paladin legendary, and you’ve probably put yourself in a position to win the game.

It’s a great card that will be featured in every mech deck. 

2. Flobbidinous Floop

Flobbidinous Floop is one of those cards that has you looking for the downside. As it stands, though, it looks like Blizzard has decided to print a strictly great (possibly broken) card.

The reason this card is so effective is that it eliminates the fear of putting a big minion on the board and having it get removed before you can get full value out of it. Now, either you are going to get full value out of that minion or you are going to essentially play it again at a reduced cost so that you can pull off insane combos.

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You will learn to hate this card.

1. Myra’s Unstable Element

This might prove to be a bit of a stretch given how obvious the downside of this card is. However, its upside is one of the best we’ve seen in the history of Hearthstone.

Card draw is the most powerful ability in Hearthstone. This card draws all of your cards. Yes, you will burn the majority of your deck by overdrawing most of the time, but if you’re playing an aggressive deck, you probably don’t care about that. If you’re playing a combo deck, you’re just looking for your combo pieces. If you’re playing a deck that is designed to put cards into your deck, you don’t care if you have cards left or not.

I have a feeling that this card will be nerfed rather quickly.

The Boomsday Project: Worst Cards (Overrated Cards to Avoid)

In this instance, the term “Worst Cards” is being used to classify cards that might look good on paper but are actually very weak. We’re ignoring the obviously bad cards in the game because…well, they’re obviously bad. Instead, here are a few that you shouldn’t bite on and craft right away.

5. The Soularium

Hearthstone fans are going to think I’ve lost my mind by picking this card as one of the most overrated, but I have serious doubts about what appears to be one of the strongest cards of the set.

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The problem with The Soularium is that there are very few optimal times to play it. You’re almost never going to play this card before turn five unless you’re trying to discard your cards (which you probably aren’t). That means it’s a late game card for aggressive decks, which is a shame when you consider that aggressive decks that have made it to the late game have probably already lost.

Don’t dust this card, but don’t think it will single-handedly win you games.

4. Myra Rotspring

Many of the entries in this section are focusing on cards you might be tempted to craft, but this one is just strictly awful.

First off, the card’s health and attack are laughably bad. Even if that wasn’t the case, there are only a few Deathrattle effects which could possibly justify playing this card, and there’s a statistically slim chance you will consistently get them from this card’s effect.

Deathrattle Rogue might prove to be somewhat playable, but this card will certainly not be a part of that deck.

3. Zerek’s Cloning Gallery

This card confuses me. It’s so expensive and so potentially awful that I’m almost convinced that it might secretly be good.

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However, I think this card will ultimately prove to be too expensive for what it’s trying to do. The core problem with this card is that you can’t play it before turn eight (if you have a coin), and that’s assuming that you have drawn Cloning Gallery card by that point. By the time you can play this card, there’s a strong possibility that the optimal cards you’re hoping to pull from this effect will be in your hand and thus useless.

There’s a slight chance that flooding the board with this card will be good enough. However, it feels like a weak combo enabler.

2. Luna’s Pocket Galaxy

Much like Cloning Gallery, the biggest problem with Luna’s Pocket Galaxy is that it’s expensive/counter-intuitive to what the decks that will possibly include it are trying to accomplish.

First off, forget about using this card to reduce the cost of combo piece cards. The odds that you hit all of your combo pieces with this effect are just too low. This would just be strictly good in minion-heavy Mage decks or Mage decks that run a lot of big minions, but neither of those decks are particularly effective at the moment.

This card could eventually be good, but Mage doesn’t have the tools to make it work right now.

1. Mecha’thun

Mecha’thun is a clever card but don’t take that to mean that you should actually go out of your way to craft it.

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As it stands, there are three classes which have a semi-realistic chance of actually pulling this card’s win condition off in a somewhat practical way (Warlock, Druid, and maybe Rogue). All three of those classes have access to much better decks that rely on far more consistent win conditions.

There’s a very slim chance someone finds a way to make this card consistently work. However, don’t be fooled by Mecha’thun’s promising card text.