GTA 6 Leaks Reveal Weapons, Vehicles, and Soundtrack Songs

The GTA 6 leaks are filled with references to the game's weapons and vehicles, as well as a few needle drops that hint at some final soundtrack selections.

GTA Online
Photo: Rockstar Games

While there are quite a few big things we learned from the recent GTA 6 leaks, the leaked media released so far is also filled with fascinating little details. Actually, those who comb through the leaks closely enough will find a few early examples of GTA 6‘s arsenal of weapons, collection of vehicles, and even a few soundtrack selections.

Once again, I have to warn everyone to take these GTA 6 leaks with a slight grain of salt. We now know they are indeed legitimate, but they still represent an early build of a game that is nowhere close to being finished. As such, pretty much everything we think we know about GTA 6 today is subject to change at any point. That’s especially true of some of the smaller leaked details about the game that we’ll be focusing on today.

If you’re really curious about how GTA 6 is shaping up, though, then those recent leaks certainly seem to shine a light on a few of the little things fans can look forward to whenever the game is eventually released.

Let’s start with the game’s weapons. Across the leaked GTA 6 footage/screenshots, we see a variety of weapons that could all be best described as “typical” Both the game’s playable protagonists and NPCs are seen wielding a series of assault rifles, pistols, and other firearms that you’d expect to see in any GTA game set in the modern day.

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What’s really interesting, though, are the various references to the game’s other weapons and items that aren’t directly showcased in the leaked media. For instance, one sequence includes text/code references to slightly more exotic weapons such as spear guns, golf clubs, and flashbangs, as well as special items like tracking jammers, crowbars, and lockpicks. Those first few weapons seem to suggest that GTA 6‘s arsenal may include a number of creative instruments of destruction. The presence of those latter items really seems to hint that GTA 6 will feature slightly more involved break-in/robbery mechanics. Given that one of the most significant clips in the GTA 6 leak sees the game’s playable characters participate in a fairly elaborate diner robbery, I do think that the game will eventually emphasize the “theft” part of the GTA name.

The game’s early lineup of vehicles features a similar mix of the mundane and exotic. Indeed, a lot of the vehicles featured in the GTA 6 leak pass by without commanding a second glance. That makes sense given that some of the footage takes place in what looks to be a slightly poorer part of town. Most of the vehicles there are little more than functional.

However, we do see a few glimpses of more elaborate vehicles such as the latest model of Pegassi sports cars (essentially the GTA universe’s equivalent of exotic Italian sports cars). Curiously, the Pegassi footage even shows the player manipulating small parts of the vehicle in incredibly detailed ways (such as positioning the rearview mirror or moving the seats up and down). That could suggest the game will include more detailed car customization/examination features, though it’s just as likely that those clips are merely aided by developer-specific tools used to get the base car models looking just right.

We also see a few boats throughout the footage, though the most fascinating water-based vehicle we clearly see in one of the clips has to be the airboat. While the airboat in the footage appears to be parked on an airport runway for some reason (likely testing purposes), its presence would seemingly indicate that the GTA 6 map includes access to swamp areas. Anyone familiar with RDR 2‘s swamp areas will tell you how creepy those kinds of environments in a Rockstar game can be.

Interestingly, we also see a “Vice City Metro” train stuck at a station. The train doesn’t move in the footage, but it looks like you may eventually be able to ride it. I also didn’t notice any flying vehicles or motorcycles clearly showcased in any of the leaked footage, but it’d be shocking to learn that both of those vehicle styles won’t be present and functional in the final version of the game.

We also hear a few licensed songs throughout the GTA 6 footage, though this is where I’ve really got to include a few disclaimers. As noted above, very little we’ve seen of GTA 6 so far is anywhere close to final. That’s especially true of whatever music we’ve heard in the leaked footage. It’s highly likely that the music we hear in the leaked gameplay clips are simply placeholder tracks rather than songs you can expect to hear on the final soundtrack. Licensed video game soundtracks are a complicated and ever-changing thing at the best of times, and GTA soundtracks have historically been incredibly difficult to put together.

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However, I did hear the following licensed songs through the GTA 6 footage:

Cash Sh*t Featuring Da Baby – Megan Thee Stallion”
Time Bomb – The Ramones”
30 Days In the Hole – Humble Pie” (thanks to Reddit user The_Growlers for identifying this one)

If you’re willing to at least assume those tracks represent the creative direction of GTA 6‘s final soundtrack, then it shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that GTA 6 will feature a variety of tracks from different genres and eras. While I will personally always love Vice City‘s period-specific soundtrack, one of the biggest advantages to a GTA game set in the modern era is the fact that they can realistically include music from every time period. Said music can then be played to accentuate appropriate moments and fit the mood of specific locations.

Curiously, we do clearly hear one “original track” in the leaked footage (at least so far as I can tell), and it plays out while GTA 6‘s lead characters are robbing a diner. The track itself has a Tangerine Dream kind of vibe, which makes sense given that Tangerine Dream helped score one of the greatest crime films ever made, Thief. The band also contributed to the GTA 5 soundtrack, so there’s clearly a relationship there. Whether or not it’s actually a Tangerine Dream song or one designed to sound like a Tangerine Dream song is a distinction I don’t feel qualified to definitively make at this time.

All things considered, I’m pretty excited about GTA 6‘s creative direction in regard to the specific areas outlined above. At the very least, it looks like the game might include a few more exotic weapons, vehicles, and items, which should help calm any fears that the game will lean even further into the slightly more grounded creative concepts seen in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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