GTA 6 Leak Confirms Sequel’s Protagonist Names, Location, and Time Period

A massive media leak has seemingly revealed GTA 6's protagonists, timeline, and long-rumored setting.

Grand Theft Auto
Photo: Rockstar Games

While there have been a series of smaller GTA 6 leaks in recent weeks and months, none of those alleged leaks offered what we would consider reliable examples of actual in-game footage/screenshots. That all changed a little earlier today when one of the biggest leaks in video game history seemingly gave the world their first look at an in-progress build of GTA 6.

So far as anyone can tell at this early stage, the media included in that leak has been traced back to a GTA Forums user known as “teapotuberhacker.” As their name implies, the user says that they were also involved with the recent Uber leaks. It’s not clear at this time if there is a direct relationship between the two leaks beyond that user’s reported involvement. It’s also not clear if they are the sole source of these leaks or if they directly acquired them from their apparent source.

I should also make it clear that Rockstar has not put out an official statement regarding these leaks as of the time of this writing. Furthermore, it seems that the leaked footage and screenshots represent either a work-in-progress version of GTA 6 or an even older version of the game. Some of the footage suggests the build is from late 2021, but that hasn’t been confirmed. That means that many details included in those leaks are obviously subject to change (assuming those details are accurate in the first place). That’s incredibly important to keep in mind.

Furthermore, I won’t be directly sharing links to the pieces of leaked media in question. Many of them are already being taken down anyway, so anything that is shared now likely won’t be there by the time you try to view it via whatever links I could offer. However, you should be able to find many of the leaks on your own fairly easily. They’re…everywhere.

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Finally, we usually would not bring these kinds of leaks to you. However, these particular leaks not only pass the eye test with ease but are already being verified by top industry reporters such as Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier.

So with those major warnings in mind, let’s talk about a few of the things these leaks seemingly confirm about GTA 6.

First off, there’s almost no doubt at this point that GTA 6 takes place in Vice City. Not only do many of the background locations certainly look like Vice City (palm trees, beaches, etc.), but at one point, we actually see a character board a “Vice City Metro” train. While some rumors suggest that GTA 6 could eventually allow you to explore other areas, it certainly seems that the bulk of the game will at least take place in the GTA universe’s famous parody version of Miami. We haven’t visited Vice City since 2006’s Vice City Stories, so it will be nice to return to one of GTA‘s most beloved locations.

Actually, it appears that GTA 6 will offer our first chance to see what has happened to Vice City since the 1980s. Yes, despite some rumors that suggested GTA 6 would take us back in time as previous Vice City-set GTA games have done, these leaks seem to confirm that GTA 6 will take place in the modern day. In fact, one NPC in one of the leaked pieces of footage even references the death of Lifeinvader CEO Jay Norris, which means that GTA 6 takes place after the events of GTA 5. While it’s a little sad to learn that GTA 6 won’t take us back in time (at least for the soundtrack’s sake), it makes sense that Rockstar wouldn’t want to give up the many modern conveniences a more modern time period offers (cell phones, the internet, etc.).

Finally, these leaks seem to confirm that GTA 6 will not only feature multiple playable protagonists but will even offer a playable female protagonist. Various pieces of leaked media show the player independently controlling a female character identified as Lucia and a male character named Jason. At one point, we even see the pair work together to rob a diner (though the player is controlling Lucia during that sequence). While we’ve heard rumors the two are some kind of Bonnie and Clyde-like couple, none of the leaked media confirms a romantic relationship at this time. However, we certainly get to see them work together as partners-in-crime.

Again, there is a lot more to talk about regarding these leaks, and we will certainly be talking about them as this whole situation becomes a little clearer. For now, though, it seems safe to say that we know where GTA 6 will take place, when it will take place, and who it will star (at least initially). What do you think about this leaked info so far?

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