Ghost of Tsushima Release Date Delayed Until July

Ghost of Tsushima has been delayed slightly, but the upcoming exclusive will still be released before the launch of the PlayStation 5.

Ghost of Tsushima
Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Ghost of Tsushima, one of the PlayStation 4’s last major exclusives, will still be released in 2020, but the game’s release date has been pushed back slightly to July 17. According to Sony and the PlayStation team, it seems this delay can be attributed to the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“As our teams at Sony Interactive Entertainment and Worldwide Studios approach development milestones and confront a world changed by COVID-19, we find ourselves having to adapt to today’s ever-changing environment,” reads a post on the PlayStation blog. “Amidst some disruptions to our working styles, we wanted to provide an update to PlayStation gamers who are eager to learn when our next exclusive titles will arrive to PlayStation 4.”

Ghost of Tsushima was originally set to be released on June 26, so this isn’t actually that significant of a delay in the grand scheme of things. Considering that The Last of Us Part 2‘s release date has now been pushed to June 19, we suspect that the delay of Ghost of Tsushima may have more to do with the PlayStation team’s desire to not have those two games release quite so close together.

Still, given that it sounds like Ghost of Tsushima was delayed one way or the other due at least partially to the spread of COVID-19, it’s interesting that it’s still set for a June release date at all. In their statement regarding the original delays of The Last of Us and Iron Man VR, the PlayStation team noted that “the global crisis is preventing us from providing the launch experience our players deserve.” That statement was made less than a month ago.

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It’s somewhat interesting, then, that the situation has seemingly changed enough to allow Sony to share a release date not just for The Last of Us Part 2 but Ghost of Tsushima as well. Furthermore, it seems that neither game will suffer quite as long of a delay as they certainly could have endured given the circumstances. As such, it remains to be seen whether the video game market will be ready to support the release of two major titles at that time. We don’t even know if physical video game stores like GameStop will even be open in most areas by then.

That said, we certainly hope for the best and look forward to the possibility of getting to enjoy both of these highly-anticipated games in the near future.