Batman Court of Owls Game Teased Ahead of DC FanDome

A new website,, is counting down to a big announcement regarding the new Batman: Gotham Knights Court of Owls game.

Ahead of the big DC FanDome digital event this weekend, WB Games Montreal is once again teasing its upcoming Batman game on Twitter. The Batman: Arkham Origins studio has spent the last few months dropping vague hints about what its new game could be and the latest teaser is as cryptic as the past ones:

The tweet seems to tease some kind of incoming transmission, while flashing the symbols of different factions from Gotham City, including the villainous Court of Owls and the GCPD. The new Batman game is said to focus on several different organizations around the city and is reportedly called Batman: Gotham Knights.

The teaser also points to a second Twitter handle @r3dakt3d, which was just created last month and only has one post — the same teaser. Eagle-eyed fans have also discovered a teaser website,, which is currently counting down to some sort of announcement on Aug. 18 at 11 am ET.

It wouldn’t be all that surprising if Batman: Gotham Knights were to be revealed ahead of DC FanDome. WB Games took a similar approach with its upcoming Suicide Squad game from Rocksteady Studios and Injustice 3, both of which were announced on Twitter ahead of the digital event.

Kotaku previously reported in 2016 that Batman: Arkham Origins developer WB Montreal had worked on a Suicide Squad game before it was canceled by Warner Bros. It seems that, while the earlier project was axed, interest in a Suicide Squad title has persisted and is now in the veteran hands of the team at Rocksteady.

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In the same article from 2016, Kotaku reported that WB Montreal’s new game would not focus on Bruce Wayne but would instead star Bruce’s son, Damian Wayne. It’s still unclear whether the game would see Damian don his father’s cape and cowl or if the game would explore Damian’s adventures as Robin after Bruce’s demise (which itself may be a fake out).

A last-minute teaser at the end of Arkham Knight, which shows a nightmarish, almost demon-like Batman stopping a pair of thieves from robbing a family in an alley, suggests that we could see the version of Damian introduced in the not-quite-canon Batman #666 by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert. In that issue, an adult Damian followed his dead father’s footsteps, not only becoming Batman but selling his soul to the devil to keep Gotham “safe.” We also see how this deal gives Damian supernatural powers and immortality. This supernatural element seems to be heavily teased in Arkham Knight‘s ending and could mean that Damian’s Batman is on the way.

We’ll know for sure when Batman: Gotham Knights is revealed at this weekend’s DC FanDome event, which is also set to highlight all of DC’s upcoming movies, TV series, and comics.