Best Star Wars Zoom Backgrounds for Virtual Meetings

Want to take your next Zoom meeting to a galaxy far, far away? Here are the Star Wars backgrounds you need.

Star Wars
Photo: Disney

We’ve talked about some of the best geeky Zoom backgrounds the internet has to offer, but you can never have enough Star Wars Zoom backgrounds. Not only are Star Wars visuals some of the most easily identifiable (and awesome) in all of pop culture, but they really compliment the sci-fi nature of hosting a large virtual meeting.

Fortunately, Disney and the Star Wars team have been on top of the Zoom boom and have already published an incredible series of high-quality background images. We recommend checking out the full collection (as well as all of the fan-created images out there) but we had to highlight some of the absolute best out there.

So if you have to use Zoom to host your next virtual meeting, be sure to take advantage of one of these incredible Star Wars Zoom backgrounds.

Star Wars Zoom Background Cloud City

Cloud City

The Star Wars universe is often visually defined by deserts, endless space, and cold metal ships, but which is a big part of the reason why the undeniably beautiful Cloud City has remained one of the franchise’s most desirable destinations.

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Now, you can take a trip to Cloud City whenever you want thanks to this clean Zoom background. We love how this background puts you directly into the Cloud City vista with the distinctive shape of the city itself peeking just above your shoulder.

Star Wars Zoom Background Coruscant


While Cloud City offered a different look at the Star Wars galaxy in Empire Strikes Back, it wasn’t until we got our first glimpse of Coruscant in The Phantom Menace that we got to see the hustle and bustle of a truly major Star Wars city.

This Zoom background offers a sweeping view of the iconic city of Coruscant that really makes you appreciate the design effort that went into the Star Wars films even when certain other elements of the series weren’t always there.

Star Wars Zoom Background Death Star Control Room

Death Star Control Room

Look, we’ve all thought about stepping foot on the Death Star. Yes, it’s the ultimate representation of evil and corruption, but you can’t deny that there’s just something cool about the intimidation element it offers.

This Zoom background allows you to put yourself in the Death Star control room. It’s not only about as professional as the Death Star gets but it offers a slightly different view of the iconic weapon that is recognizable and a bit more subtle.

Star Wars Zoom Background Imperial Star Destroyer Control Room

Imperial Star Destroyer Control Room

The Imperial Star Destroyer from Empire Strikes Back gave the Imperial forces an iconic way to hunt the rebels down in style. Just look at that control room. The sunken command centers, the pristine floors…now that’s how you design an evil ship.

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We fully endorse your decision to use this Zoom background to put yourself at the helm of that Star Destroyer, but we don’t recommend this one for your next work meeting given what happened to many of the employees that served on this ship.

Star Wars Zoom Background The Emperor's Exegol Throne

The Emperor’s Exegol Throne

Let’s just say that The Rise of Skywalker offered a combination of…hits and misses. However, the design of The Emperor’s lair on Exegol was an admittedly brilliant visual that immediately stood out as something memorable.

While this throne may not be quite as iconic as the one in his Death Star throne room, the excellent framing of this shot makes it a brilliant Zoom background for those who want to proclaim themselves as the ruler of a meeting.

Star Wars Zoom Background Lightspeed


If the Star Wars franchise wasn’t what it is, then you might just see this background as an unimpressive collection of dots and blurry lines. However, we all know that it’s actually the legendary visual that signifies a ship is entering light speed.

That visual happens to double as the perfect Zoom background. It’s simple, instantly recognizable, and is perfectly framed. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Star Wars Zoom Background Rebel Base

Rebel Base

It’s understandable that the Empire gets a lot of love for their evil design style, but can we give a quick shout out to the Rebels for managing to make the most out of some limited resources?

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This Zoom background showcases the memorable minimalist design of the Rebels. Those LED grid panels, that retro workstation, one of those rounded tables for strategic meetings…it’s all here waiting to be your next Zoom background.

Star Wars Zoom Background Jabba's Palace

Jabba’s Palace

It’s really no surprise that the Star Wars franchise can’t seem to escape from Tatooine and similar desert environments. The planet’s sweeping deserts and humble homes offered a grounded break from the stars and sorcery that would otherwise define the series.

This Zoom background not only lets you put yourself in Tattoine but take a trip to the infamous palace of Jabba the Hutt. It’s basically the Bada Bing of the Star Wars universe, and we can’t think of a higher compliment than that.

Star Wars Zoom Background Millenium Falcon

Millenium Falcon

Who hasn’t wanted to step inside the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon? The Falcon isn’t just one of the coolest ships in the Star Wars galaxy; it’s one of the few consistent safe harbors from the evils of the Empire.

While it may not be the way that you dreamed of piloting the Falcon, this Zoom background allows you to easily insert yourself into the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

Star Wars Zoom Background Hoth


Much like the endless deserts of Tattoine, we don’t know if we’re necessarily dying to spend an extended vacation on at trip to the icy tundras of Hoth, but as far as iconic Star Wars locations go, few are as instantly recognizable as the Snowy stretches first featured in The Empire Strikes Back.

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This Zoom background not only transports you to Hoth, but you even get a hero shot of a Tauntaun on the edge to help showcase how just how awesome the ice planet really is.