All The BTS TV and Web Series to Watch From Chapter One 

BTS is entering a new chapter, which makes it the perfect time to watch (or rewatch) their many TV shows and web series from the past nine years.

Five BTS members jump into the air while two crouch down for a picture in front of a New Zealand lake in BTS Bon Voyage Season 4
Photo: HYBE

BTS announced today that, after nine years working and living together as a K-pop group, they will be shifting into a new chapter in which the seven members will devote more time to their solo music projects. While we will still be getting lots of music from the individual members (J-Hope is set to be the first to release another album, presumably before he headlines at Lollapalooza in July), the occasional episodes of Run BTS, and life updates via social media, BTS will not be making music and performing it together in the way they have over the past decade… at least not for the immediate future.

While the news has elicited sadness, especially perhaps from newer fans of the globally popular group, it has also been met with understanding and support from most members of the diverse fandom. And as we all wait for the next chapter in BTS history to begin, there is an expansive backlog of BTS content to watch or rewatch. While much of BTS’ content is, of course, music videos and performances, the Korean band has also produced a plethora of additional content in the form of web series, TV shows, and DVD boxsets. If you’re looking for something to binge while processing the transition news, here is you guide to reliving the adventures of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook so far…

Rookie King (2013)

How many episodes: 8
Where to watch: Viki

BTS debuted in 2013, and Rookie King was their first proper series. The variety show format is super popular in Korea, and many of BTS’ series use it. Rookie King is a variety show that features the members attempting different Korean TV program formats. In the show, BTS takes on different roles, including news anchors, bowlers, and basketball players. Early variety show BTS is truly a place where anything can happen. Rookie King would also give us our first proper example of BTS taking on cooking challenges, which continues to be a running (and hilarious) theme in BTS’ variety show presence today.

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American Hustle Life (2014)

How many episodes: 8

This BTS reality show that sees the members traveling to L.A. for two weeks to learn from “hip-hop tutors” like Coolio and Warren G can be tough to watch, as the series is nowhere near prepared to fully engage with K-pop’s history (and present) of cultural appropriation. That being said, sometimes discomfort is something to lean into, and the series can be a good jumping off point for non-Black BTS fans in particular to engage with the topic of K-pop cultural appropriation and also to see how far BTS has come since their debut. I recommend watching American Hustle Life in conjunction with analysis and insight from Black BTS fans, such as journalist Stitch of Stitch’s Media Mix, who has written extensively not only about BTS, but also about cultural appropriation in the age of K-pop.

GO! BTS (2014)

How many episodes: 1

It’s a bit of a stretch to call this one a series, as there is only one episode, but if you’re looking for more content from BTS’ early years, then Go! BTS is a good option. The 45-minute episode follows BTS on their trip to L.A. for KCON 2014. In addition to including some performance footage, the special gives us some of that variety program energy by sending the members on three missions around Laguna Beach.

BTS Summer & Winter Packages (2015-2020)

How many seasons: 6

While the terms “Summer Package” and “Winter Package” refer to entire content bundles, including photobooks and other kinds of merch, every package edition since 2015 has also included a “Making of” DVD that features the members of BTS on photos shoots in different locations around the world. The “Summer Packages” with behind-the-scenes featurettes have been shot in Malaysia, Dubai, the Philippines, Saipan, and Korea, while the 2020 “Winter Package” was shot in a very rainy Finland. If you like BTS Bon Voyage, but have already watched all of the season, then you should definitely check these out.

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As with other DVD content on this list, the Winter and Summer Packages content bundles are not super easy to find, as they sold out quickly when they first went up on Weverse. However, you can find the DVDs on secondary markets like eBay, and also find the “Making Of” content via, um, secondary sites.

BTS Gayo (2015-2017)

How many episodes: 15
Where to watch: VLive

BTS Gayo is another BTS variety show, in which the members play games that are specifically related to K-pop. For example, in the first episode, they have to guess iconic K-pop girl group songs based solely on dance clues from other members. BTS hasn’t released an episode of Gayo in a while, probably because the wider umbrella of Run BTS (see the next entry on the list) covers the sorts of K-pop-centric challenges BTS Gayo centers.

Run BTS! (2015-today)

How many episodes: 154
Where to watch: VLive

The ultimate BTS variety show, Run BTS has been, um, running since 2015. The show features the members competing in a variety of games, from zombie escape room challenges to foot volleyball to your classic game of mafia. If they win, they get a reward. If they lose, they get a punishment. Variety show games like this are only as effective as the degree to which the competitors take them seriously, and let me tell you: BTS is all in. These global pop stars may be millionaires, but they will throw down for a coupon like their lives depend on it. Early episodes of Run BTS include the members visiting many an amusement park, while later episodes have gotten both more contained and creative in the challenges. Rest assured, there is something here for everyone—just beware the spies and plot twists.

Run BTS went on hiatus at the end of last year, after six years and more than 154 episodes, but it is set to return during BTS’ hiatus. While it presumably will not have the same episode-a-week schedule as previous seasons, there will be new episodes!

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BTS Memories (2015-present)

How many seasons: 6
Where to watch: Weverse

For every year since 2015, BTS has released a “BTS Memories” DVD boxset that is an expansive behind-the-scenes chronicle of all of their activities from the year. If you’re a fan of BTS’ “Bangtan Bomb” series, which gives fans behind-the-scenes snippets from the members’ schedules, then you will love “BTS Memories.” “BTS Memories,” editions 2019 and 2020 are still available to purchase as DVDs via the Weverse shop, but you will have to get creative for previous years’ content.

Bon Voyage (2016-today)

How many episodes: 32 episodes, across 4 seasons
Where to watch: VLive (Seasons 1-3), Weverse* (Season 4)

Bon Voyage is a travel reality show that follows BTS on various trips around the world, including northern Europe in Season 1, Hawaii in Season 2, Malta in Season 3, and New Zealand in Season 4. It’s interesting to see the members out and about in the world, having fun together and on a relative break. (This is still work, but they are not actively promoting or touring.) Over the course of Bon Voyage‘s four seasons, you will see many a camper van adventure; many a games of rock, paper, scissors; and realize just how central Yoongi is to keeping these members fed when they are left on their own.

*For Weverse streaming content, purchase via the “media” section in the Weverse Shop app, then watch via Weverse via the app or online

Burn the Stage (2018)

How many episodes: 8
Where to watch: YouTube Premium

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Burn the Stage is an eight-part series that tells the story of BTS’ massive 300-day The Wings Tour, which took up most of 2017 for the members. Including interviews and show footage, Burn the Stage follows a pretty standard concert film format, giving insight into BTS’ first major world tour. The series would later be turned into a movie, also called Burn the Stage, which was released later in 2018.

Bring the Soul (2019)

How many episodes: 6
Where to watch: Weverse

Similar to Burn the Stage, Bring the Soul is another glimpse into what BTS’ tour life is like. This six-part series follows the seven members of BTS during the Love Yourself World Tour, through the end of the tour’s third, European leg, which concluded in October 2019. It was also released in a more condensed movie format in Bring the Soul: The Movie.

Golden Closet Films (2019)

How many episodes: 7
Where to watch: YouTube, via the BangtanTV channel

Anyone who has ever seen a BTS performance knows how talented Jungkook is as a vocalist and dancer, but the golden maknae of BTS is also interested in filmmaking. Prior to directing the “Life Goes On” BTS music video in 2020, Jungkook released a series of short films in 2019 under the name Golden Closet Films, or G.C.F. The 20-something shot and edited each of the travelogues himself, giving his unique perspective into the life of BTS on the road.

BT21 (2019-today)

How many episodes: 8 main story shorts, plus many additional mini-stories
Where to watch: YouTube

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If you’re looking for some animated BTS content, check out the universe of BT21, a collaboration between Line Friends and BTS that you can see chronicled here. The members helped create the concepts for the BT21 characters, who are all adorable. From there, the animators began telling the story of Prince Tata, who hails from Planet BT, as he dreams about spreading love across the galaxy. Tata and guardian robot Van travel to Earth to begin the mission, where they meet Koya, RJ, Shooky, Mang, Chimmy, and Cooky, who band together with the ambition to become the most influential pop culture sensation in the galaxy. You can check out the members’ reaction to the initial storyline of shorts here.

Break the Silence (2020)

How many episodes: 7
Where to watch: Weverse

You didn’t think BTS was going to leave you hanging on the final leg of their Love Yourself World Tour, did you? The Break the Silence docu-series picks up where Bring the Soul leaves off, bringing fans on the final, Asian leg of the Love Yourself World Tour and into the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself extension of the tour, which extended the tour through October 2019. As you may have guessed, there is also a movie format version of Break the Silence.

In the Soop (2020-present)

How many episodes: 11 episodes, across two seasons
Where to watch: Weverse

BTS gave us many gifts during the COVID-19 pandemic, but In the Soop may be the greatest. The series follows the seven members as they take a “break” from their work schedules to pursue hobbies, hang out, and watch Jin kill fish. Unlike BTS’ variety series, In the Soop has a much looser structure, allowing the members to relax a bit more. Each member made a list of activities they would like to try out while in the titular “soop” (“forest,” in Korean), but there is no reward or punishment for completing or not. Instead, the members can choose to spend their time as they wish, whether that be building Lego or racing remote control boats. (If you like In the Soop, don’t forget to check out shorter behind-the-scenes episodes, also available to watch via Weverse.)

In the Soop returned for a second, shorter season in 2021. Given that BTS will be producing episodes of Run BTS during their hiatus, it is possible they could produce another season of this popular show. At the very least, we will be getting an In the Soop “spin-off” season this summer, featuring V hanging out with his famous friend group, nicknamed the “Wooga squad,” which includes actors Choi Woo-shik, Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik and musician Peakboy.

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The Rise of Bangtan (2021-present)

How many episodes: 21 episodes (and counting), plus bonus clips and deleted scenes
Where to watch: YouTube

While this fan-made docu-series isn’t made by BTS or HYBE, it has earned a spot on this list as one of the most comprehensive, well-made introductions to the first few years of BTS’ journey as a group. Made by professional editor and longtime ARMY Aneesa, The Rise of Bangtan follows Bangtan from their debut to (currently) the beginning of the “Love Yourself: Answer” era. With the series set to wrap up with “Chapter 23,” it is the perfect time to dive into this chronicle of what makes BTS special, if you haven’t yet already.

What is your favorite BTS series? Let us know in the comments below.