Zoe Saldana

Marvel Studios: how long is left on everyone’s contracts?

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Oct 9, 2015

How long until Cap, Iron Man and co need to renegotiate their multi-film Marvel contracts? We did some digging…

The 25 best female action stars in modern cinema

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Nov 13, 2014

Wil's got something to say to all those people who reckon women can't be action stars. These 25 kickass women might want a word too...

Zoe Saldana interview: GotG, Who, strong female characters

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Jul 29, 2014

The misnomer of strong female characters, tackling Guardians Of The Galaxy, and a bit of Doctor Who too: it's our Zoe Saldana interview

Guardians Of The Galaxy review

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Jul 24, 2014

Marvel takes a gamble with James Gunn's comedy action space opera, Guardians Of The Galaxy. James finds out whether it's all paid off...

Rosemary's Baby review: Night 1 & Night 2

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May 18, 2014

Was NBC's updated Rosemary's Baby a failed experiment? Holly reviews the 2-part horror miniseries...

Guardians Of The Galaxy: new poster

Ryan Lambie Poster
May 16, 2014

There are blazing lasers and lots of colour in the latest poster for Guardians Of The Galaxy. You can take a look at it here...

James Cameron's Avatar: five years on

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Apr 30, 2014

Five years after James Cameron's Avatar appeared in cinemas, we look back at its hype, its critical backlash, and how it holds up today...

Out Of The Furnace review

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Jan 29, 2014

Christian Bale and Casey Affleck star in the brutal drama, Out Of The Furnace. Here's Ryan's review of a dark, difficult film...

Zoe Saldana on the Avatar sequels

Glen Chapman News
Jan 21, 2014

Zoe Saldana has been chatting about her role in James Cameron's upcoming Avatar sequels...

Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana confirmed for Avatar sequels

Simon Brew News
Jan 15, 2014

James Cameron confirms that Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana are set for his next three Avatar films...