Star Trek

Collections: how to avoid a hobby becoming a problem

Alex Westthorp Feature
Jul 29, 2016

A few tips on what to do if your geek merchandise and DVD/Blu-ray collections run the risk of getting out of hand...

Star Trek: was Cumberbatch supposed to be Gary Mitchell?

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jul 28, 2016

Was Benedict Cumberbatch originally going to play a different villain in Star Trek Into Darkness? Ryan looks at the clues...

Star Trek Beyond: 12 questions answered

James Hunt Feature
Jul 27, 2016

A few spoiler-filled questions from Star Trek Beyond, and thoughts on their answers...

Star Trek Beyond: what did you think?

Den Of Geek News
Jul 22, 2016

Justin Lin's Star Trek Beyond in out now in the UK and the USA. What did you think of it?

Justin Lin interview: Star Trek Beyond, MC Hammer

Ryan Lambie Interview
Jul 22, 2016

As Star Trek Beyond launches in the UK, we talk to its director about making the sequel and how MC Hammer helped his career...

Star Trek: Insurrection - revisiting Star Trek 9

Alex Carter Feature
Jul 27, 2016

From the highs of Star Trek: First Contact, why did Star Trek: Insurrection become the most forgotten Trek movie?

Star Trek 4: Anton Yelchin's role won't be recast

Simon Brew News
Jul 20, 2016

JJ Abrams confirms that the new Star Trek film will not see a new Chekov...

Star Trek at 50: are we any closer to its utopian future?

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jul 19, 2016

Fifty years on, are we closer to the peaceful future of Star Trek? We ask Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, Karl Urban, John Cho & Justin Lin.

Star Trek 4: JJ Abrams teases the next movie

Don Kaye News
Jul 15, 2016

Will there be a fourth Star Trek movie in this timeline? Producer JJ Abrams weighs in.

Star Trek Into Darkness: exploring the plot three years on

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jul 15, 2016

How does Star Trek Into Darkness's plot hold up three years on? Ryan takes a closer look...