Fede Alvarez

Evil Dead: another movie is possible, says Fede Alvarez

Edward Douglas News
Jul 27, 2016

If the Evil Dead franchise wants to rise again, they'll have to find the right tone to go with Ash vs Evil Dead...

Monsterpocalypse movie finally moving ahead

Simon Brew News
May 4, 2016

The director of the Evil Dead remake is to bring Monsterpocalypse to the big screen...

Conflicting reports on the state of the Evil Dead sequel

The Evil Dead
Glen Chapman News
Nov 1, 2013

The sequel to the Evil Dead remake sounds like it's queued up behind Sam Raimi's Army Of Darkness 2...

The James Clayton Column: Rethinking remakes as original premakes

James Clayton Feature
Apr 19, 2013

What if time were running backwards, and the remake of The Evil Dead actually came first? We'll let James explain this one...

Evil Dead, Hammer's Dracula, dating, and women in horror

Jamie-Lee Nardone Feature
Apr 10, 2013

With the arrival of the Evil Dead remake in cinemas and Hammer's Dracula on Blu-ray, Jamie-Lee looks at women in horror and, erm, dating...

Bruce Campbell interview: Evil Dead, being ordained, making bombs

Sarah Dobbs Interview
Apr 8, 2013

In the run-up to the release of the new Evil Dead, Sarah got to talk to a true horror legend: the groovy Bruce Campbell...

The Evil Dead review

Ryan Lambie Review
Mar 13, 2013

Sam Raimi's classic Evil Dead gets a remake. The result, Ryan writes, is a film low on scares but full of entertaining splatter...

Sequel to Evil Dead reboot already in the works?

Glen Chapman News
Mar 11, 2013

With the reboot of The Evil Dead incoming, its director suggests that a sequel is already being worked on...

From Beyond, Stuart Gordon, and MPAA censorship

Ryan Lambie Feature
Feb 4, 2013

With the uncut version of From Beyond out on Blu-ray later this month, Ryan looks at the ongoing battles between filmmakers and the MPAA...

Evil Dead: new red band trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Jan 4, 2013

Viewer discretion advised, as the gore flows in the new red band trailer for the Evil Dead remake...