Rambo: Last Blood, Creed and Scarpa next for Sylvester Stallone

Stallone, likely to be taking the direct approach once again in Rambo 5.
Simon Brew News Jan 2, 2015

New Rocky and Rambo films kick off Sylvester Stallone's 2015 shooting schedule...

New Rocky spin-off movie, Creed, shoots in January

Simon Brew News Nov 12, 2014

Sylvester Stallone takes on a supporting role in Rocky spin-off movie Creed, which is set to star Michael B Jordan...

Storytelling techniques we rarely see in the movies anymore

Ryan Lambie Odd List Oct 14, 2014

From long credits to bullet time, here are a few techniques and film conventions we don't see in the movies these days...

50 bizarre examples of movie tie-ins and merchandise

Wil Jones Odd List Sep 26, 2014

Movie merchandise is big business. But some people will try and slap the name of The Avengers or Batman on anything...

Sequels that damaged the ending of the previous film

Simon Brew Feature Jul 17, 2014

A good sequel picks up where the previous film left off, continuing the story and expanding the world. These sequels? They don't do that

Pumping Iron and the birth of the 80s action hero

Ryan Lambie Feature Mar 19, 2014

The 1977 docu-drama Pumping Iron launched Schwarzenegger's career, and led to an era of fitness obsession and action heroes, Ryan writes...

A report from An Evening With Sylvester Stallone

Nicholas Higton Feature Jan 14, 2014

Action star, writer and director Sylvester Stallone gave an evening of anecdotes at the London Palladium on Saturday. Here's what went on...

Rocky spinoff Creed announced, Stallone involved

Glen Chapman News Jul 25, 2013

MGM has announced that Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler is set to direct Rocky spin-off Creed, with Michael B Jordan starring.

The directors who returned to a franchise they left

Simon Brew Odd List Mar 11, 2013

Like boomerangs, the directors on this list returned to their respective franchise - with mixed results...

The actors who came back to a franchise they left

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Sometimes, actors quit a franchise in the hope of better things. And sometimes, as we're about to discover, they come back...