A Nightmare On Elm Street

Robert Englund interview: The Last Showing, Freddy Krueger and horror

Ryan Lambie Interview Aug 27, 2014

Horror legend Robert Englund talks about his new film The Last Showing, what was wrong with the Nightmare On Elm St remake, and more...

Why horror needs to regain its wit

Robert Zak Feature Feb 20, 2014

Recent horror movies have taken a sombre tone, trying to scare us with true stories and bleak endings. But where's the fun gone?

10 horror-themed 80s games and how they tried to scare us

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We look at 10 horror-themed videogames from the 1980s, and their varied attempts to provoke fear with low-res graphics...

The top 100 TV and movie monsters

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Covering the gamut of TV and cinema from the past to the present, here's Rob's rundown of the 100 finest screen monsters...

A celebration of rotating movie sets

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From Fred Astaire dance sequences to gravity-defying hotel corridor fights, we salute the technically mind-boggling rotating movie set...

Foodstuffs the movies ruined

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We’re not just talking about the plastic nacho cheese served up by multiplexes, it’s all considerably more disgusting than that…

Confused Views: 5 frivolous lawsuits I’ve filed

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Inspired by the legal precedent set by the Detroit woman who’s suing the distributors of Drive, Matt shares some of his own frivolous lawsuits…

A Nightmare On Elm Street & Friday The 13th sequel updates

Simon News Jan 31, 2011

Producer Brad Fuller offers updates on A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Monster Squad…

Confused Views: Collection killers

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Matt Edwards highlights the DVDs that, should you dare to buy them, will kill your collection outright...

Weekend US box office report: Robin Hood is no match for Iron Man

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Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott's Robin Hood can't dislodge Iron Man 2 from the top of the US box office...