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Incredibles 2 dated for 2019, Toy Story 4 moves back a year

Ryan Lambie News Oct 8, 2015

Disney's line-up through to 2020 has been announced with Incredibles 2 slated for 2019 and Toy Story 4 now due in 2018...

Marvel announces Ant-Man sequel plus three untitled films

Ryan Lambie News Oct 8, 2015

This summer's Ant-Man is getting a sequel. Marvel has officially announced Ant-Man And The Wasp, plus: three untitled films...

Star Wars: Episode VIII adds Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Simon Brew News Oct 8, 2015

The casting on Rian Johnson's Star Wars movie continues...

Ghostbusters: Rick Moranis on why he turned down a return

Simon Brew News Oct 8, 2015

Rick Moranis was offered the chance to appear in Paul Feig's Ghostbusters movie - and he explains why he turned it down.

Daniel Craig on James Bond: "I want to move on"

Simon Brew News Oct 8, 2015

Following Spectre, if Daniel Craig did another James Bond film, it'd be "for the money".

Alien: Paradise Lost to bring in new crew

Simon Brew News Oct 8, 2015

The Prometheus sequel will feature a new group of explorers, Ridley Scott has confirmed...

Wonder Woman movie settings revealed

Ryan Lambie News Oct 7, 2015

Exclusive: with mild spoilers, we reveal the settings we'll see in Warner's 2017 Wonder Woman movie...

Power Rangers reboot: Pink Ranger now cast

Simon Brew News Oct 7, 2015

Naomi Scott has landed the role of Kimberley in the Power Rangers reboot...

Marvel's Black Panther movie writing latest

Simon Brew News Oct 7, 2015

Marvel, contrary to reports, doesn't have a director for its Black Panther movie yet. But it has found its writer...

Suicide Squad: Will Smith on working with Jared Leto

Simon Brew News Oct 7, 2015

Will Smith and Jared Leto worked side by side on Suicide Squad for six months. And never exchanged a friendly word.