Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield on the negative reaction to The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Andrew Garfield as Spiderman
Simon Brew News Sep 11, 2014

Not everyone liked The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Andrew Garfield does, but reveals some studio interference...

Andrew Garfield teases the Sinister Six movie

Simon Brew News Sep 10, 2014

Remaining coy about his involvement, Andrew Garfield has been chatting about the Sinister Six movie...

Martin Scorsese's next film, Silence, set for November 2015

Martin Scorsese
Simon Brew News Jul 15, 2014

Martin Scorsese's Silence, starring Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield and Ken Watanabe, is set for release in November 2015...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review

Simon Brew Review Apr 9, 2014

Does The Amazing Spider-Man 2 deliver? Here's our review, without spoilers, of Andrew Garfield's second turn as the webslinger...

Official image of The Amazing Spider-Man 2's other villain

Simon Brew News Feb 20, 2014

We've kept the spoiler about the villain concerned out of the headline, just in case you didn't know.

Two new promos for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Simon Brew News Feb 18, 2014

More footage lands as Sony releases a pair of new promo featurettes for The Amazing Spider-Man 2...

Lots of new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage

Simon Brew Trailer Feb 3, 2014

An extended look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is released, along with its second Superbowl spot...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: first Superbowl spot

Simon Brew Trailer Jan 31, 2014

Sony teases a bit more of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in a new promo spot...

Will Sony's plans for a Spider-Man movie universe work out?

The Amazing Spider-Man
Seb Patrick Feature Jan 29, 2014

Post-Avengers, superhero movies are all about shared universes, but will that work for Sony's Amazing Spider-Man franchise?

Three posters for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Simon Brew Poster Jan 20, 2014

Spider-Man goes head to head with Electro as new posters for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are unleashed...