XO, Kitty Ending Explained

What happens to Kitty at KISS? Who does she end up with? We break down the ending of the To All the Boys spinoff here.

XO, Kitty. (L to R) Choi Min-yeong as Dae, Anna Cathcart as Kitty Song Covey in episode 108 of XO, Kitty.
Photo: Netflix

This article contains spoilers for XO, Kitty.

Kitty Song Covey (Anna Cathcart) was a fan favourite in the To All The Boys I Loved Before series as her matchmaking skills set up the still ongoing romance between her sister Lara-Jean (Lana Condor) and Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo). The new spin-off series XO, Kitty sees the teenager attempt to find her own romantic happy ending when she travels to Korea to reunite with her long-distance boyfriend Dae (Minyeong Choi) who attends the Korean International School of Seoul, or KISS for short. Kitty also attends the school to feel closer to her late mother, who also attended KISS when she was Kitty’s age. 

In 10 episodes, the love-filled journey Kitty thought she was getting is not as straightforward as she expected. Taking inspiration from K-Dramas, the first episode sees Dae and Kitty break up as he’s in a new, fake relationship with Yuri. The series only gets more chaotic from there as we see Kitty navigate having a potential brother and adjusting to a new school and multiple love interests, which leaves Kitty receiving a declaration of love from someone that Kitty never saw coming. 

By the end of the season, the show resolves a lot of its mysteries, but it also creates a few more that create the perfect opening for a sophomore season. So let’s get into the big questions of the finale. 

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Does Kitty Get Expelled from KISS?

Sadly, yes, Kitty does get expelled from the Korean boarding school. Kitty gets caught sleeping in the boy’s dorms after a teacher catches her going to check if she passed her finals on the boy’s notice board. After consulting with the faculty about what Kitty’s punishment should be, Principal Lim (Yunjin Kim) tells Kitty that by staying in the boy’s dorms, she’s broken the terms of her scholarship, and, therefore, they have come to the conclusion to permanently expel her from KISS. 

But the show gives us hope that Kitty may return for another semester. After Kitty sees Yuri (Gia Kim) in the airport, Yuri calls her mom, who happens to be Principal Lim and pleads with her to rethink expelling Kitty. Unfortunately, we never get to hear the exact reasons why Yuri wants Kitty back at KISS, whether it’s purely friendship reasons or if, like Kitty, Yuri also feels some romantic tensions brewing in their relationship. Whichever it is, the phone call implies that if the show is given a season two it’s almost certain that Kitty will be let back into the school. 

Who Does Kitty End Up With?

It’s safe to say that Kitty is not short of romantic options, as she navigates her feelings for Dae, Yuri, and Min Ho (Sang Heon Lee). By the end of the season, Kitty chooses to follow her heart and sets about figuring out what that means by deciding not to be with anyone. 

Kitty and Dae break up at the end of the season after Kitty tells Dae that she likes Yuri, and he reacts so badly that they don’t end up speaking until after she gets expelled and is at the airport to catch her flight back home. In typical romantic comedy fashion, the airport seems the place to figure out your love life as Dae uses the setting to confess that he still wants to be with Kitty. However, Kitty realizes she still has strong feelings for Yuri, so she breaks up with Dae. There is still potential for their relationship as they share one last kiss, but it’s evident that Dae is one of the show’s weaker romantic options for Kitty by the end of the season. 

Kitty also bumps into Yuri, who she’s tried to tell her feelings to multiple times before the finale, but the timing never works out as they are constantly interrupted. This also stands for when Kitty bumps into Yuri at the airport, and just as she’s trying to tell Yuri how she feels, Juliana (Regan Aliyah), Yuri’s love interest that she has been forced to keep hidden for much of the season, arrives, making Kitty decide to leave quietly and board her plane back to Portland. 

The strongest romantic option by the end of the season is between Kitty and Min Ho, where the enemies-to-lover trope is strong. Min Ho starts the season instantly disliking Kitty, but as they spend more time together, Min Ho starts to develop feelings that he tries to suppress by dating Madison, which doesn’t work out because of his feelings and because she doesn’t want a relationship. In the final scene of XO, Kitty, we see Kitty and Min Ho sit next to each other on the plane, where Kitty tells him that she and Dae are no longer together. Being a romantic comedy, the show capitalises on the tension that has been brewing between these two all season as Min Ho takes the opportunity to tell Kitty he’s in love with her, leaving her stunned silent in her seat as the closing credits come in. 

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Who Are Alex’s Birth Parents in XO, Kitty?

We finally discovered that Australian teacher Alex is not Kitty’s long-lost brother despite all hospital records pointing towards Eve Song being Alex’s mom. Instead, it turns out that Alex (Peter Thurnwald) is the son of Principal Jina Lim and fellow KISS teacher Professor Lee (Michael K. Lee), making him also Yuri’s biological brother.

Throughout the season, we learnt that Alex came to Seoul to find out more and potentially meet his real parents. He figures out early on that Lee is his father, which makes a lot of sense as to why he spends the season trying to be nice to the strict and often mean professor. However, Alex’s mother remains a mystery to him until as expected, Kitty helps him put the pieces together. 

After stealing Professor Lee’s yearbook with Yuri, all the pieces fall into place for Kitty as she realizes that Jina and Professor Lee were in love during their time at KISS and that Lee had no idea that Jina was pregnant. The fact all the hospital records had Kitty’s mom Eve’s name on it was a result of Jina putting her roommate and best friend at the time, Eve’s name, on the paperwork to avoid anyone finding out her secret. 

Feeling that he’s never going to be accepted by either of his parents, Alex plans to leave KISS at the end of the semester. However, it’s in the process of mending her relationship with her daughter Yuri that Jina invites Alex to stay with her and Yuri for the holidays. 

Who is Simon in XO, Kitty?

Before leaving KISS, Jina gives Kitty a letter that she received from her mom when they were still best friends. In the letter, Eve writes about how her life has changed by going to the school but also mentions a mystery character named Simon. This is sadly one of the mysteries that remains unresolved, but it does leave viewers and Kitty thinking that the person could be someone her mom dated before her dad and perhaps even her first love. Hopefully, we get season 2 so we can discover who the mysterious Simon is. 

All 10 episodes of XO, Kitty are streaming now on Netflix.

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