Workaholics: The Future Is Gnar

The Season Finale of Workaholics, broken down, epic and ambitiously creative.

The season finale of Workaholics is appropriately their most ambitious and epic episode to date. All season long, the Workaholics guys have been pressing their creativity. Countless of times, episodes have featured specific genre homages, with the camera and cinematography mirroring the genres they are sending up. The Workaholics crew have also been playing with their formula, pairing off their characters and letting them interact with secondary characters more frequently. The third season is by far the best season to date and not only have the jokes been tighter, but the secondary characters have become more interesting, the settings have become more diverse, and the plots are more meaty and elaborate.

 Tonight’s episode for instance is a send up of the Terminator flicks and other thrillers that focus on a post apocalyptic machine dominated future. Instead of the sunny, fluorescent lighting of the show that we are used to, we’re given the dark and grim look of an early 90s action movie. The episode is so fun to watch in a part because of how much fun the guys seem to be having. Their action-centric episode almost seems like a moment of wish fulfillment. Along with the fun that they have with costumes, effects, and the setting, you can tell the guys delight in tossing out lame action movie one-liners and puns and choreographing fight scenes. Another big thing that Workaholics has tried to do this season is bring in guest stars for small parts, so when Tom Green pops up in this episode, its unsurprising, yet completely revelatory. Tom Green was churning out the Workaholics’ brand of humor while the guys were still in middle school, so naturally he’s a perfect fit to guest on the show and its almost surprising that it took so long for him to appear.

The plot of the episode centers on a fantasy scenario of Blake’s. When he learns that Alice is going to implement a new automated sales system, Blake worries that technology will soon replace all humans. In Blake’s fantasy scenario, all of the workers of TeleAmeriCorp are undergoing “orientation,” where they turn the employees into half human/half cyborgs. When Alice comes for Blake’s turn, Ders volunteers in his place. Naturally, Adam and Blake find a way to help Ders escape, but not before a probe is inserted inside him that they must remove from his, erm, ugh, backdoor. After the painful process, the guys make their way outside, only to decide to go back into the belly of the beast to save their cyborg co-workers and take down TeleAmericCorp. After battling all the employees, and even a Cyborg Tom Green, the guys manage to take TINA, the automated system, offline. Once Blake is done with his story, Alice instantly begins berating him and his cohorts. Some things never change.

            So season three of Workaholics has come to a close. Comedy Central has already renewed the series for at least two more seasons, so be sure to look for more Workaholics and more reviews in the near future! Keep it tight!

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The Best of the Rest
  • “Tom Green is Freddy Got Fingered-banging us!” – Blake
  • “I’m not an ocean dog, I’m a city cat. Meow!”- Adam
  • “It’s too late to abort it which is exactly what my mom used to say about me.” – Adam
  • When the guys send the probe back to Alice, attached is a message that reads, “That was loose butthole.”
  • When Adam and Blake are being electrocuted by an electric fence, Ders pulls out his phone to capture the moment. “I got to make a GIF of this.”