Workaholics: The Line, Review

Nick Harley continues our review of Season 3 with this, the 19th episode.

Certain plot lines constantly resurface in the thirty-minute sitcom, they are almost like certain milestones you have to hit. There’s the lost in the woods episode, sporting event episodes, death in the family episodes, vacations, and dozens more. Though these can be familiar, the best sitcoms can take these frameworks and put their own unique stamp. Workaholics does this like no other sitcom on television. The waiting in line episode is tried and true, but Workaholics cant just have a character wait in line, no, they have to be accidently standing in a “clean needle” rehab line and get duped into smoking PCP with a bunch of junkies. It’s bizarre, unconventional, and completely hilarious, just like all the best Workaholics episodes.

            Once again, the Workaholics gang spends a majority of the episode split up, each off on their own conquest. Blake and Adam are psyched about a new video game release and plan to wait in line for as long as it takes to buy it on release night, but Blake is under the watchful eye of Alice who leans on him to cater to her every need while Gillian is away. This doesn’t matter for Adam though, and he goes in search of the game store. Of course Adam gets lost along the way, and when he finds a line waiting outside a rehabilitation center, he assumes he’s in the right place. All the junkies around him doesn’t phase Adam, who assumes the people in the line are just dressed in costume as zombies for the release of the game. When he inquires about smoking with those surrounding and flashes some cash, the junkies take him to a near by alley and give an unknowing Adam PCP to smoke. When they try to rob him of his cash, he envisions all of the junkies as zombies and the show expertly switches camera style to evoke images of the Walking Dead.

(Shameless The Walking Dead plug and screen capture. No Walkers were harmed in the creation of this review. )

            On Ders’ front, he’s trying to sleep with a gothic girl. He uses weed and alcohol to lure her to the house but this means he needs to buy from Karl. When Karl learns that Ders is trying to seal the deal, he persuades Ders to let him plant a camera in his bedroom, but Ders’ date hears all about the plan. To embarrass the guys, she pretends to be interested in a three-way, making Ders and Karl perform awkward acts upon each other before leaving altogether.

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            Blake, after being bullied all episode long by Alice and Montez, stands up to a bully in line waiting for the game. He pulls the bully, Devin Danza’s, cousin of Tony Danza, armpit hair out. It’s nice to see Blake learn a valuable lesson about standing up for himself instead of being the passive stoner that we’re used to.

            Workaholics has one episode left this season, and it’s being advertised as a “mind-bending” season finale. Make sure you tune in and follow our final review of the season!