Workaholics: Fry Guys, review

The Workaholics guys aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, but they are tools.

It’s pretty obvious that the Workaholics guys aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.  You can look at the dead end job they all share, the state of their home, or just listen to them talk about their totally cool “Bazinga!” cell phone cases and it will become pretty apparent that these three guys aren’t the cream of the intellectual crop. Along with that base stupidity comes a social ineptness as well. Just look at the way they interact with their co-workers, or better yet, the way they interact with women in general. They’re totally clueless when it comes to girls, but in their eyes they are the smoothest operators around.

Last season we got to see the guys really test the waters with women when they met the woman of their dreams online, but earlier in that episode, we see the guys in action trying to pick up chicks at the bar. Their “technique” is horrendous; they’re overtly sexual, punny, and aggressively triple-team verbally assault their potential dates. They are horrible with girls, yet they spend this episode trying to find the right suitor to woo a down-on her luck Alice because they “know women.” These guys “knowing women” is like me knowing heart surgery and the comedy comes from their complete lack of awareness that they are so totally out of their league.

This episode is incredibly funny and bolstered by the female members of the cast. Gillian appears in this episode and she seems to be more spaced out this season than ever, which is only a great thing. Maybe Jillian Bell’s guest turn on Eastbound and Down helped her get all the serious out of her system, and now the Workaholics Jillian has more room to weird out. Alice is also back in full force, more threatening, foul, and emotionally destitute than ever. Alice’s struggles as an aging single manager at a crappy job could be the premise of a different show on a different network, and it’s nice to see the a somewhat less playful side of what it’s like when you don’t get your shit together after college.

The sequence that really had the most laughs had to be a tie between Ders and Alice’s abbreviated sex session or the pool fight/puke fest between Adam and Ders. Alice’s mean, domineering spirit really emasculated Ders to the point where he’s the one who ends up with his legs above his head on the desk. Funnier still was Adam waiting underneath the desk, with a certain appendage in a box. He’s waiting to seduce Alice, but instead he cries under the desk as his dreams are crushed above him, but he doesn’t have to wait very long for Ders to finish. The disappointment turns to anger and Adam challenges Ders in a fight at home in their pool. At first, it seems like we’re actually going to get a well-executed fight scene. The guys even make a meta-joke talking about the lightening used for their fight. But as only this show can do, right when you think the fight’s going to amp up, a dead fish explodes and the guys dissolve to vomiting in each other’s faces. It’s gross and juvenile, but it’s hysterical.

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This episode was a large improvement on the fun but simple season premiere. The guys definitely need to get Alice involved more in the show. Her real life problems could counteract the guy’s goofy problems, like killing all of their fish friends in a chlorine pool. Being an aimless twenty-something is fun, until you end up depressed and drunk like Alice.

The Best of the Rest

  • Blake’s name for a few of his coy fish: Coy Orbison, Fin Diesel, Rob Coydrry.
  • “Alice has c*** cancer?!” – Adam
  • The man the guys choose to “pipe out” Alice is named “Girthquake.”
  • “You cant dip your pen in company stink.” – Blake
  • Apparently, Adam’s Grandpa gave him $5 to poop in a pizza box, which qualifies him as gigolo.

Den of Geek Rating: 4 Out of 5 Stars

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4 out of 5