Workaholics: Orgazmo Birth

With an episode name like this, why wouldn't you want to know more?

Against all odds, Workaholics is back for a fourth season. Who would have ever guessed that Comedy Central would be able to keep a live action program that isn’t a talk show around so long? The Workaholics gang brought new life to the network, who have now gone on to take chances on other programs from just about every rising comedian that they can get their hands on. Tonight, they even aired a female counterpart, Broad City, right after the Workaholics premiere.

Last season, Workaholics had a twenty-episode order, and though the series lagged at times, overall the season showed the guys taking on more ambitious and creative ideas, both with their storyline and the overall production of the show. This season, Comedy Central has dialed it back to just thirteen episodes, but the network has already committed to at least one more season. Blake, Adam, and Ders aren’t going anywhere, so can they keep their ambitious streak up and prove those who doubt the longevity of a stoner comedy wrong?

Well, as far as tonight goes, the gang is still keeping things “tight butthole” (if you’re not hip to the show, it’s a synonym for cool). We find the guys in their shared cubicle space fawning over an advertisement for an EDM concert that is coming to town. Montez drops by and asks they guys if they want to hang out because he’s stressed by his wife’s pregnancy at home. Initially and unsurprisingly, they mock the prospect of spending any outside work time with Montez, but when he offers to buy the tickets for the festival, they change their tune.

The guys get completely stoked for the festival; with Adam getting in shape for his intense rave moves, Ders changing his name to DJ Ango (a Jamie Foxx reference, of course), and Blake calling up Kyle to score some Molly. Adam hilariously explains Molly as, “that thing that’s just like ecstasy but like isn’t somehow,” which is pretty much verbatim how any sorority girl would explain it. Blake mixes the drug with his drink for during the rave, and it’s off to Montez’s.

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Naturally, Montez cannot escape the sight of his wife, who is in the middle of throwing her baby shower. The guys devise a plan to distract Montez’s wife Colleen with their rave like antics, turning the baby shower into a spin shesh for DJ Ango. While Blake is serving drinks, one of the middle aged party attendees tries to dilute the punch with Blake’s Molly water, sending the party to the next level. The guys play up the rave routine by slow motioning the action and using trippy camera effects.

Eventually, Colleen’s water breaks on Adam’s face, which is as gross and hilarious as it sounds, and before they can get to a hospital pool (Colleen insists on Orgasmic Water Birth) they duck into a fitness center to score a Jacuzzi for the birth. An Orgasmic Water Birth ends up being as bizarre as it sounds, but Colleen has her baby successfully, and sure enough, our losers miss out on the festival.

It was definitely a great way to start the season, with plenty of those quotable moments we’ve come to expect and definitely a continued sense of shock humor that has yet to grow stale. With the shorter order this season, I look forward to seeing what these Workaholics can do.

The Best of the Rest

  • “Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that it’s bad, also, f*** you everything you like sucks.” – Adam
  • Before selling them Molly, Kyle tries to make the gang say the Raves Prayer, but he settles for Blake’s popsicle. Blake knew he wanted it because he couldn’t take his “dead eyes” off of it.
  • We get to see a few of the co-workers in the episode, but I’m definitely missing Jet Set, RIP Buddy.
  • “Who makes her bust, you or the baby?”
  • Alex Borstein, of MadTV and Family Guy fame, play Montez’s wife, who still is a bit of a freak.
  • “A female orgasm? Didn’t they Myth Bust that?” – Blake
  • The scene of them having to tour the fitness center before they could use it really made me laugh. Everyone has had that “shut up and let me workout!” moment.   
Den Of Geek Score: 3.5 out 5 Stars


3.5 out of 5