Workaholics: Snackers Review

Workaholics is going strong with another good episode.

Workaholics is only in its fourth season, but after such an elongated string of episodes in the third season, this is already the show’s forty-third episode. It’s weird to think that the show has been on air for so long. Somehow the guys find a way to keep the show fresh, whether it’s the show’s small yet expertly used cast, the clever gags and writing, or the strength of the chemistry among the leads, it all just continues to work week in and week out. Tonight’s episode was an episode of a show that’s completely found its groove.

Having the episode take place primarily at the office gave the guys a chance to utilize their full cast, which I think is when Workaholics is at its strongest. Adam, Blake, and Ders are fun to watch while getting weird at home, but it is often way better to watch the guys bounce off of other people. The three guys, while working together and living together, have created their own little world where all of their behavior, like say, stealing all the snacks at their office so they can have a party, is completely rational behavior, and usually the most comedy comes from someone else bursting their bubble. Anyway, the absence of snacks at the office causes Alice to try and decide upon a new snack manager who she will entrust her Costco card to so they can provide snacks. Knowing they wont be elected, the guys urge Gillian to run for Snack Manager.

In full on Sarah Palin garb, a reference that may be a little dated, but hey, who cares, Gillian has a debate against Montez, who’s fighting for more healthier snacks because of a diet his wife puts him on. Gillian’s over sincerity, Montez’s faux-smooth cuckolded rambling, Bill’s erratic behavior, it all is so funny. The fact that Adam, Blake and Ders go to work and yet they seem like some of the better-adjusted people is unfathomable. I guess it explains how the gang keeps their jobs. We also get time with Karl in the episode, which is an added bonus. His deadpan scumbag routine is sort of stoner comedy’s answer to The Tramp; Karl fills any destitute role the show needs him for, with a lovable dirt bag demeanor.

Eventually, Gillian wins the election, but of course too much power goes to her head, and she puts the snacks on some sort of elaborate cat-alarm lockdown. The guys decide to pull what they call an Ocean’s 11 and Ocean’s 13 style heist, that shows the guys sneaking around the office in weird assorted scenes like Adam using the bathroom and Ders pulling the fire alarm. Gillian gets her co-workers out of the office before realizing the guys aren’t present, the runs back in to find the guys trying to break the locks with chairs. They give up, Gillian says that it’s too easy, that she’s been watching all day, and she knows they’ve planned something. Then in a scene that totally channels director Steven Soderberg, Gillian walks through the guy’s supposed scheme, then she darts after Karl, whom she expects is making off with the loot. Jokes on Gillian, the guys actually just pulled the fire alarm and tried to smash the locks, they didn’t have any clue what they were doing all along. They make off with the now attended snacks, and go off to their party.

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It was nice to see the guys win in the end, but even better to get to see an episode of Karl on Cheaters, something his character would be totally proud about. This episode of Workaholics was about as good as it gets. Forty-three episodes in, running strong.

The Best of the Rest
  • Karl is in the bathroom while Ders showers. Ders: The shower is running?Karl: Did ya catch it?…. It was a joke.
  • The poop is Ders face was a little much. I understand gross out humor is essential to the show, but know when you’re over doing it.
  • The guys totally freak out about Kirkland products, Costco’s brand. They plan on getting full Kirkland outfits so they can be Costco head to toe. “More like Twerkland.”
  • Bill freaks out on Adam and he replies, “You should come hang out with us sometime.”
  • Adam’s headset as Gillian’s head of security is just hilarious to me.
  • The guys have heard Adam’s story of breaking into Costco as a kid so many times that they can mouth the words.
  • Gillian gets super emotional in her “I will shop for you” speech.

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4 out of 5