Willem Blackwood Had House of the Dragon’s Biggest Glow-Up

The Riverlands' youngest bachelor has become its most eligible bachelor on House of the Dragon season 2.

Willem Blackwood (Jack Parry-Jones) on House of the Dragon
Photo: HBO

This article contains spoilers for House of the Dragon season 2 episode 4.

There may be many sides to the growing conflict in House of the Dragon. Greens against Blacks. Brackens against Blackwoods. But amidst all of this conflict, there seems to be at least one thing that most fans can agree on: Willem Blackwood is hot now.

The show first introduced Willem Blackwood as a young boy, one of many who sought young Rhaenyra’s hand in season one during her big marriage tour. After she rejected him and many others, we didn’t see him again, and many likely thought we never would. Just another character destined to fade into the background of this ensemble show. But nevertheless, Willem Blackwood persisted and had one of the biggest glow-ups Westeros has ever seen.

Not only is the adult Willem (played by Jack Parry-Jones) hot now, he also hasn’t been harboring a grudge against Rhaenyra for decades after she rejected him. He still seems to be very fond of her, and is happy to represent the Blackwoods in support of her rightful bid for the throne.

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Which, as many have been quick to point out, is the exact opposite of how Ser Criston Cole reacted to being rejected by Rhaenyra. Yes, Criston and Rhaenyra’s relationship did become a lot more intimate than hers and Willem’s. But still, they were both so young, too young to really be making these kinds of big relationship decisions. Regardless, Criston has clearly not been able to let it go. He’s spent over a decade in a vindictive spiral because she didn’t want to leave her position as heir to the throne to be with him, calling her the “bitch queen” with his whole chest.

Willem, on the other hand, is still incredibly respectful of her and her position of power. He still seems to admire her and her spirit, going so far as to say that he always thought that she “had the true spirit of the dragon.”

Should Rhaenyra have married Willem after all? Who’s to say. But it is becoming clear that he will likely prove to be a valuable ally in the war to come. With his support and the backing of the Blackwoods, Rhaenyra will have an even stronger claim to the Riverlands and therefore the throne as a whole.

If he survives the war, Willem Blackwood should definitely be on the short list for Westeros’ most eligible bachelor. He’s kind, supportive, doesn’t hold a grudge for most of his life, and isn’t afraid to let a woman be in charge. And in this world, what more could you ask for?