The Walking Dead Season 10: Maggie to Return in the Finale

AMC has unveiled a new clip of its delayed The Walking Dead season 10 finale that features the return of Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan).

The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale Maggie
Photo: AMC

The Walking Dead was forced to delay its season 10 finale due to postproduction work being interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. AMC must have felt terrible about that because the network has now released a pretty generous sneak peek at the still-unscheduled finale. Not only is the clip lengthy, it also features the long-awaited return of Maggie Rhee neé Greene (Lauren Cohan) to the series!

This clip appears to pick up in the middle of some serious finale action. But first, let’s analyze the nature of Maggie’s return. Cohan and the character she plays left The Walking Dead midway through season 9 shortly after series lead Andrew Lincoln (who played Rick Grimes) did. In the reality of the show, Maggie left to join a mysterious group of traveling helpers led by a woman named Georgie. It was then announced at last year’s New York Comic Con that Cohan would be returning to the show…little did we know it would be in the season 10 finale.

If that’s all we get to see of Maggie in “A Certain Doom,” it’s time still well spent. Maggie arrives at some sort of drop that the community apparently uses to deliver news to its wayward members. The stark words written on the parchmen, “Jesus is dead. So is Tara. And Enid” are quite the reminder of how much Alexandria, Hilltop, Oceanside, and the remnants of the Kingdom have endured in this war against the Whisperers. Certainly Maggie and her cool new cowboy hat will be able to help…or at least help pick up the pieces of what’s left. 

The rest of the clip finds the remaining Alexandrians in a pretty tough spot. Beta’s horde of walkers has arrived at the gang’s hospital hideout and is wreaking absolute havoc. When one young girl tells Gabriel that she’s scared, he reminds her of all the friends they still have and all the reasons to be hopeful. Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom, and Oceanside may have all been separate communities (or fingers in Gabriel’s Robert Baratheon-esque choice of analogy), but now they are one fist. Not only that but they still have people out there fighting for them.

Those people include Eugene, Ezekiel, and Yumiko heading down to West Virginia to find a new community of helpers. That includes Maggie and her people. That includes Virgil returning to Oceanside to find it empty. That includes Aaron and Alden, out in the wilderness, taking down as many walkers and Whisperers as they can. Most intriguingly, however, that supposed band of helpers also includes a masked figure wielding two serrated axes. 

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In some respects, this mysterious new person might be even more intriguing an inclusion in this finale clip than Maggie. It’s unclear who this could be as there is no obvious comic book analogue. Not only that, but the characters who have left the show recently (Rick and Michonne) likely won’t be returning any time soon. Perhaps it’s Heath, finally making it back after several seasons spent adrift. 

There are plenty of questions raised from that clip. If nothing else, it was nice of AMC to give Walking Dead fans some tidbits to mull over while they await season 10’s conclusion

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