The Walking Dead Season 10: Lauren Cohan to Return as Maggie

She's back! AMC has announced that Lauren Cohan will return as Maggie in The Walking Dead season 10.

The Walking Dead giveth when The Walking Dead taketh away. After losing Rick Grimes in season 9 and Michonne after this season, The Walking Dead season 10 is set to bring back a familiar face. 

Lauren Cohan is returning to The Walking Dead season 10 to reprise her role as Maggie Rhee née Greene. AMC made the announcement during The Walking Dead panel at New York Comic Con 2019. And in true NYCC fashion, they made the announcement in a rather stylish way. Who is that Walking Dead fan in a Negan costume and Jason mask?

It actually kind of seems as though the cast was taken aback at Cohan’s sudden appearance. 

Maggie has been a part of The Walking Dead universe since season 2. A daughter of Hershel Greene, she joined Rick’s group full time once the Greene homestead was overrun by walkers. In the years after, she lost both her father and her sole remaining sibling, Beth. She did gain a spouse, Glenn, but lost him too because that’s just what happens to people on this show.

In recent seasons, Maggie developed a real knack for leadership and eventually wrested control of the Hilltop Colony away from the corrupt Gregory. Cohan and Maggie left the series at the same time Rick Grimes did, following season 9 episode 5. After a six year time jump it’s revealed that Maggie left Hilltop with her son Hershel Jr. to join Georgie’s community of post-apocalyptic helpers.

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In reality, Cohan understandably wanted some new opportunities and challenges after eight years of wading through zombie guts during Georgian summers. She had a starring role in ABC action comedy series Whisky Cavalier but that was canceled earlier this year. With Whisky Cavalier out of the way, it was long speculated that Cohan may make her Dead return and now that day has finally arrived.

And it’s not a moment too soon as our Walking Dead heroes will need all the help they can get against the Whisperers. 

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