The Tomorrow People: Girl, Interrupted Review

Things start getting a little more risky for Stephen Jameson’s new friends. And if anyone is just tuning in, no, the show is NOT based on a reggae song.

This time The Tomorrow People takes a little departure, flashing back five years to the attempted rape of a deaf teenage girl. That painful moment is what spurs Cara’s powers. She can read lips, and is telepathic…not sure if she’s still deaf, since she can talk pretty well. Stephen, in the meantime, is at a party reading his classmates’ thoughts, and it’s not going well. Oh, and Jedikiah is busy taking powers away from captured Tomorrow People. It isn’t pretty.

Cara’s a little bitter about her experiences, and lets Stephen know when he suggests reaching out to help a troubled friend. Back at Ultra, his partner, Agent Nichols, pushes the envelope by threatening to shoot him, and she does, with a blank. Well, it got his heart rate elevated at least. Not really sure what the point of all that was, but okay.Cara flakes out, leaving Stephen high and dry as he tries to get out safely after planting a bug in Ultra’s HQ. More flashbacks show that she was arrested for her attempted rapist’s murder, but she manages to teleport out of prison (sweet!). Current problem? She hears too much, and has panic attacks that paralyze her and keep her from focusing on her mission as a Tomorrow Person.Not long after, she is abducted during an ambush that leaves boyfriend John and friend Randall fleeing the scene. Really? It was that easy to catch one of the heads of the Tomorrow People? I thought they were more cautious than that. At least one of the more interesting parts of the show is finding out who’s smarter than whom, unlike something like The Following where the FBI and cops are all morons and serial killers with no resources can do whatever they want.Jedikiah and Stephen have a little face off, with Stephen offering to do the injection to remove her powers, but she insists that he kill her instead. He injects her, but all I can think is that this whole thing is staged. Can’t be that easy. Cara’s about to escape, somehow.And shazaaam, I was right! Best acting job EVER! Stephen gets her out in time to help save a suicidal classmate. Unfortunately, Astrid arrives just in time to see Stephen teleport the hell outta there after everything goes down. Will she finally believe him instead of just thinking he’s off his meds?In the final scene, we see Cara rejected by her father, who previously had advocated for her. He hands her a bunch of money and tells her to get lost. No wonder she’s a mess…but she’s never shown this memory to anyone, including John. Will this be the final push in her getting together with Stephen?Final review: Well, lots of double crosses, shall we say? In the FINAL final scene, Astrid confronts Stephen about his powers, but what the hell lady? He’s been trying to tell you about them ALL ALONG! And you didn’t believe him! So don’t be getting all pissed off…you got what you asked for! And how did Cara and Stephen get out of Ultra so seamlessly? No one figured it out yet? The show can get pretty deep, but parts of it are still a bit…fluffy.Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all news updates related to the world of geek. And Google+, if that’s your thing!


3 out of 5