The Tomorrow People: In Too Deep, Review

After a disappointing pilot episode, The Tomorrow People has bounced back, and may be a keeper after all!

Well, the pilot certainly threw a lot at us, didn’t it? Let’s see what happens now that Stephen has joined Ultra. The bad guys. I think. Clearly, Stephen has joined Ultra to find his dad and take Ultra down. Will it work? The big issue now is how Stephen will hide his thoughts and feelings from the Ultra agents. It’s one thing to read someone’s mind…but then, how do you protect yourself? Interesting. This might get a little deeper than I thought.

 Seems like some of the Tomorrow People ARE using their abilities to do evil things like rob banks, as we see a mop-haired teen do it by manipulating a security guard. Stephen goes back to the Tomorrow People lair to a frosty welcome, and an argument with John Young (Luke Mitchell), who used to work for Ultra as well and knows what they’re capable of doing. He and Cara are dating, but Cara’s not above distracting him to search through personal property for a D chip that will protect Stephen, and Cara’s group as well, by blocking telepathy. Stephen gets to go out on his first assignment, while Cara and John, um, wrassle…which might be considered foreplay? Things are getting a little…tense. Is Cara getting a little close to Stephen? And is the bank robber with the missing dad a little too closely related to Stephen’s own situation? Finally, someone smells GENOCIDE. “We are not superheroes,” John says, “we are a hunted species trying to survive.” True…but then some of John’s colleagues turn on him and agree that bank robber Kurt needs to be brought in for help. It gets a little messy. And I’m getting the feeling that Stephen’s debriefing, after getting his D chip taken, will get ugly as well. Ok, after the pilot, I thought this show was going to be pure fluff, special effects, and fistfights. Turns out, this episode is better than the last, and is delving into the darker stuff I was hoping to see. Especially when senior officer Vaughan takes the fall for Stephen. And gets killed for it. Stephen and John have their little bromance moment over the watch, and then Stephen and Cara end up having dumplings (no, not what you think, you dirty little minded people). Final review: Wow, after a disappointing pilot, this really changed my mind about the show. Darker, deeper. This may not be all escapist entertainment. Things are definitely going to get more interesting as Stephen plays both sides in this little game. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all news updates related to the world of geek. And Google+, if that’s your thing!


4 out of 5