The Librarians Season 4: Lindy Booth On Changes for Cassandra

Lindy Booth talks Cassandra's new powers, her fascination with magic, and connecting with fans of The Librarians.

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TNTs hit fantasy-adventure The Librarians returns for its fourth season on December 13th, and Den of Geek spoke to Lindy Booth, whose character Cassandra Cillian now faces life without the specter of death constantly hanging overhead.

Season premieres are just as exciting for the cast as they are for the fans, and The Librarians actor contingent plans to meet at executive producer Dean Devlin’s Electric Entertainment to watch and connect with fans. “I enjoy the social social media aspect of it,” Booth confesses. “I think the most fun we have live tweeting is when we’re all together as a group because we sort of egg each other on, and we remember things as we’re watching.”

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Fans of the TNT show are notoriously active on social media, and Booth is clearly thankful. “Interacting with the fans is so amazing,” she says. “Fans of The Librarians are so loyal and intense and have so many questions. They’re so curious and invested in what happens with these characters. It’s really fun.”

Aside from her perpetually sunny personality, one of the first things viewers notice about Cassandra are her bright, colorful outfits. “Our wardrobe designer Critter Pierce is an extraordinarily creative woman, and it’s been one of the great pleasures of my career working with her. I love clothes, and I love telling a story through wardrobe,” Booth reveals.

One change Cassandra faces this season is life without her brain tumor. “She always knew when she was going to die. Now her worst fear is not going to happen,” Booth says. However, though Lindy’s fear was that removing the tumor could cause her to lose her intellectual abilities, viewers of The Librarians know that quite the opposite occurred, and her increased powers are a huge responsibility.

“It changes a lot about her,” admits Booth. “It causes her to question who she wants to be. She does have this enormous gift. How does she use it and can she control it? Is it who she really wants to be?”

For a series about a group of individuals tasked with acquiring and safeguarding the world’s magic, it’s understandable that Booth’s character develops a fascination. “It’s like her belief in Santa Claus,” she explains. “It’s wild and childlike; it’s innocent and it’s fun. Her whole belief system is so joyous and so childlike, so full of curiosity. And the concept of magic that it’s real. It’s presented to her and she latches onto it.”

While we may never see Cassandra jump in the middle of a bar fight with Jake Stone (Christian Kane), Booth feels there is another side to her character. “We’ve seen her get a little more physical and a little bit more involved,” she explains. “I personally as Lindy would love it because I’m significantly more physical than Cassandra is. I feel like every time they throw a punch in there for me, everyone’s like wow you’re pretty good at that.”

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Booth hasn’t always played delightful characters like Cassandra. “I started playing nice girls and then I went very bad, very quickly. I killed a lot of people on TV and in the movies,” Booth recalls. “I’m quite happy to be back playing a nice girl. It’s fun as an actor to be able to bounce back and forth and play a little bit of both. Playing Cassandra is such a treat.”

The Librarians season 4 begins with a two-hour premiere on December 13, 2016 and will feature twelve brand new episodes and some familiar writers and directors including Noah Wyle (Flynn Carsen), Jonathan Frakes, and Marc Roskin.