The Boys Season 2 Trailer Reveals a Powerful Stormfront

The first full trailer for The Boys season 2 has arrived and it features Aya Cash’s Stormfront at the height of her powers.

The Boys Season 2 Trailer Stormfront
Photo: Amazon Prime

Amazon was kind enough to premiere a teaser for The Boys season 2 back during the show’s Comic-Con@Home appearance. But now the full trailer has arrived and it makes that previous teaser look like child’s play…albeit horrifically violent child’s play.

The full official trailer for The Boys season 2 is a dense three minutes of action and exposition. You know you’ve got a good one when there’s time for a song change. Check out The Boys season 2 trailer below. 

Holy exploding whale, Batman, where even to begin? Suppose the exploding whale is as good a place as any. The Deep ended last season in exile in Sandusky, Ohio (a very appropriate place for an corny aquatic superhero to be exiled to). Looks like he’s almost got his life back together for season 2 before Butcher and the Boys take a motor boat to his hopes and dreams.

Elsewhere, the trailer makes the Boys’ goals this season crystal clear. Butcher now knows that his wife is alive and being kept in a domestic prison by Vought. Not only that but Butcher and the boys are now “the most wanted lads in the country.” Excellent restraint on not overusing “the boys,” Butch. 

But really, the star of this trailer (and hopefully all our lives for many years to come) is Aya Cash. Fresh off a remarkable five year stint on You’re the Worst, Cash is now embodying the villainous Stormfront in The Boys season 2. Per this trailer, Stormfront is the latest member of the Seven and quickly becomes America’s sweetheart. Part of that can naturally be attributed to Cash’s charms. (“Now don’t be a pussy and laser my fucking tits”) but of course the other, more insidious, part is Stormfront’s exploitations of America’s fears. 

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Thanks to Homelander’s actions at the end of The Boys season 1, the rest of the world now has access to Compound V. And of course that means that we can all band together and build a more equitable world. OK, that’s obviously not the case in The Boys. What it really means is that there are superpowered terrorists out there for Stormfront to exploit as boogeymen. That strategy is very much in keeping with Stormfront’s original conception in the comics from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

The Boys season 2 is set to premiere its first three episodes on September 4 on Amazon Prime. The remaining five episodes of the season will debut weekly after that. A new addition for this season is an after show called Prime Rewind: Inside the Boys to be hosted by Aisha Tyer. The first episode of that arrives on August 28 and will serve to catch viewers up on season 1. The Boys season 3 has also already been confirmed.