The Boys Season 2: Who Is Blindspot?

We barely had time to meet Blindspot! Homelander took out the The Boys' version of Daredevil in a heartbeat during Season 2's opening episode

Anthony Starr As Homelander In The Boys Season 2

It’s fair to say that Chris Mark didn’t have a whole lot to do in The Boys’ Season 2 as Blindspot! At least, it doesn’t look like we’ll see him pop up again any time soon.

Mark is a prolific and respected stunt performer and fight choreographer, who you’ve probably already seen in a bunch of things to date. Though the Canadian actor’s speaking roles are less common, he recently appeared as Yuuto Murakami in Netflix’s October Faction and as Bruce Lee in Hulu’s Future Man, but it’s as a stuntman that he’s notched up most of his credits in the likes of Suicide Squad, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Pacific Rim and Star Trek Beyond.

In The Boyssecond season premiere, “The Big Ride”, Mark plays the show’s riff on Marvel’s Daredevil, Blindspot. The young man is clearly extremely agile and talented, having no sight but enhanced hearing abilities. When Vought International’s increasingly terrified publicist Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie) brings Homelander (Anthony Starr) to meet him as a potential replacement for the late Translucent on the team, the villainous supe does not take kindly to the notion.

“A differently-abled member of The Seven,” Ashley gushes about Blindspot’s Daredevil-like prowess as he demonstrates his acrobatic skills in front of an unimpressed Homelander. “We’re gonna poll through the roof with Millennials! Inclusion’s a big priority for them right now.”

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Blindspot in The Boys

Blindspot, unaware that Homelander is the absolute worst, greets him in the most upbeat way possible, but Homelander quickly bashes him over the ears, and blood is seen spurting from his damaged head. Homelander soon dismisses Blindspot with “now you’re just another useless fucking blind guy.”

Ashley is left speechless, and Homelander delivers a venomous rebuke to her attempt to put this new supe in The Seven for PR benefits, calling Blindspot nothing but “a cripple.” Thus ends the brief and appalling introduction of this Daredevil-esque character into The Boys.

It’s not the first time that Daredevil has been referenced in The Boys lore, mind, although he didn’t fare any better in the comic…

Daredevil reference in The Boys comics

Blindspot was written specifically for the show, however:

Will Blindspot be back for revenge after being so casually taken out by Homelander? It seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened, especially on The Boys. So far, Blindspot has just been more fodder in Homelander’s violent, sociopathic quest for power, and the act of removing yet another of the poor kid’s senses eventually led to the installation of the homicidally racist Stormfront in The Seven instead, which turned out to be some unexpectedly good news for Homelander after the two started getting to know each other.

Meanwhile, Season 2 has also introduced another Marvel-lous Clint Barton/Hawkeye-type character in Langston Kerman’s Eagle the Archer. Kerman has previously had recurring roles in Insecure and Bless This Mess, but in The Boys he plays a Cleveland-based bow-and-arrow supe with indoctrination on his mind.

After bailing The Deep out of jail, Eagle re-introduces himself to the troubled former member of The Seven as a kind of outreach counsellor for the mysterious ‘Church of the Collective’, who want to help The Deep redeem himself and reestablish his foothold with Homelander and co. So far, The Deep has gone along with Eagle’s methodology in scraping him up from the bottom of the barrel after his assault on Starlight, but the Church of the Collective probably don’t have unselfish reasons for helping him out, and we’ll likely see the story behind their overkeen interest in The Deep unfold throughout Season 2.