Supernatural: Characters Returning in Season 15

We talked to the Supernatural cast and creators about which characters will be returning for Season 15.

Supernatural Season 15 is the last season to tell the rest of the Winchester’s epic story, and that’s a tall order to fill. How do you sum up 15 years worth of stories, character arcs, and adventures? One way is by true fan service: bringing back characters from the past.

Den of Geek was part of a group of reporters who had the chance to chat with the Supernatural cast and creators at this year’s San Diego Comic Con last month. Producer Robert Berens, Jared Padalecki, and executive producer Andrew Dabb kept the cards close to their chest, but let a few details slip.

How do you wrap up 15 seasons of storytelling? Andrew Dabb stated cryptically: “In some ways, some old friends will come back and some ways some old enemies will come back and some people we’ve seen before. Some people we haven’t seen for a very long time.”

But let’s get into some specifics…

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Which characters are confirmed to return for Supernatural Season 15?

Adam Milligan (Jake Abel) is coming back. Yes, the forgotten third Winchester brother, doomed to Hell when he was possessed by the archangel Michael back in Season 5. He was subjected to a horrendous existence battling Lucifer forever in the cage, and was promptly forgotten about story-wise. Since we’ve had Lucifer back for several seasons, Adam’s been stuck in the cage with only Michael.

But that Season 14 finale, when God declared “Story’s over. Welcome to the End,” we saw the ground open up and release the living dead and numerous spirits. Notably were several spirits that Sam had put await that season, but also a couple blasts from the past: The Woman in White from the pilot and Bloody Mary.

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“Essentially God basically stomped his foot and ripped a hole between our world and hell,” Berens explained. “So what you saw animating those corpses were tortured spirits released by God, and some old spirits that they had captured in the past.”

Andrew Dabb also confirmed two more names to return to the show: Rowena and Eileen Leahy. Eileen, played by Shoshanna Stern, was the deaf hunter we met in the Season 11 episode “Into the Mystic.” Eileen was killed by hellhounds in Season 12. Eileen’s return is something that should make up for a bad send-off, and hopefully give the Winchesters another ally in their ultimate final battle.

The other confirmed returning characters include Rowena, Eileen, Adam. Now we reach the guesswork side of things. Since production has only filmed a handful of episodes at this point, even the actors and producers are unsure of how the rest of the season might go as far as guest stars. Here are their best guesses and hopes.

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Will the Wayward women return for Supernatural Season 15?

Will we have a chance to see the “Wayward Women”—i.e. Sheriff Jody Mills, Sheriff Donna Hanscum, Claire Novak, etc—before the show ends?

“I can say that we haven’t made anything official yet,” Berens said. “I think we have a responsibility to see them again as individuals, and then there’s the narrative responsibility of a few pieces of story that need to be closed out.”

When the proposed Wayward Sisters spinoff wasn’t greenlit by the CW, that left some open storylines that needed to be filled in. Hopefully this means there’s going to be an episode or two to do just that.

Will Ruby return for Supernatural Season 15?

Jared Padalecki also teased that he’d love his kids to appear in an episode this season. In previous seasons, he’s had his brother and his wife in the background of Hook Man and his baby’s picture appear in an episode as well too. With that maybe even his wife, Genevieve Padalecki (known as the demon Ruby on the show) might also find a return.

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When asked if there was a chance Genevieve could could back, Padalecki replied, “Any chance? Yes. She doesn’t have an episode or anything yet, but Gen and I are like, ‘We’ve got to have Tom and Shep and Odette on the show! In some way shape or form, even if they’re sitting in a diner somewhere or something,” Padalecki said. “But yeah, there is a possibility and I’m really trying to make it happen.”

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Many surprise returns will likely pepper the season, as all the rules are out and the dead walk among the living. This would be a fabulous time to bring back Ellen, Jo and Ash, by the way, in case any showrunners are listening. As well as fan favorites such as Osric Chau’s Kevin, Felicia Day’s Charlie… really the list could go on.

Supernatural Season 15 will premiere on The CW on Thursday, October 10 at 8 p.m. Read more about the final season here.

Who would you like to see return for Supernatural Season 15? Let us know in the comments below…

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