Stitchers Cancelled by Freeform, No Season 4

Stitchers Season 4 won’t be happening, since Freeform has cancelled its sci-fi crime-solving series.

Stitchers, the Freeform science fiction-leaning crime-solving series, has been cancelled by the cable outlet.

The end of Stitchers, confirmed by TV Line, arrives a month after Freeform aired the last of its 10-episode Season 3 run on August 14. The series debuted in 2015 as a slick paradigmatic showcase of the new young-adult-aimed direction of the cable outlet – formerly ABC Family – in its branding transition to Freeform. The series clearly earned itself a small but loyal audience, with Season 3 numbers holding steadily with 365,000 viewers compared to Season 2’s 387,000 viewers. However, those numbers were never ideal nor financially viable for a stylistic, budget-heavy drama.

Stitchers centered on the travails of college student Kirsten (Emma Ishta) who is recruited for her extraordinary psychic ability by a secret government program that utilizes technology allowing her to “stitch” herself into the minds of murder victims to solve crimes.

Along with Ishta’s starring role as the embattled psychic, the series co-starred Kyle Harris as neuroscientist and love interest Cameron Goodkin, along with Ritesh Rajan, Salli Richardson-Whitfield and former Warehouse 13 tech geek Allison Scagliotti. When pressed to describe what he’d like to see out of a (no-longer-happening) Season 4, Harris states:

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“It would be cool to see how the program has to protect Kirsten now that she’s essentially a weapon. If she fell into the wrong hands, [there would be consequences]… We could play celebrity for a moment, since the team is like a group of superheroes in a way. But that could easily take a turn — I could see people getting angry that we have access to all these private memories.”

Unfortunately, Stitchers fans will likely be left to forever lament its cliffhanger ending. While Kirsten’s memory was purportedly wiped in a stitch-related incident, the Season 3 finale (and by default, the series finale,) revealed that she had been lying about said amnesia. Moreover, the scene throws a sinister light onto its touted #Camsten ship, implying that Kirsten is secretly being forced to work in some manner against Cameron at the behest of a mysterious unseen figure.  

Regardless, Stitchers fans will have to make do with that final bit of intrigue.