Scream: Exposed Review

Slow claps, deserving slaps, and take downs were the heart of last night’s Scream: The TV series episode. Here’s our review.

“Exposed” is right for the title of this episode of Scream as questions that having been looming since the start of the series were finally given some light. One of the main exposures of the night, however, let Emma show off her new found backbone. Brooke may have thought Emma was the perfect goody goody when they first met in high school, but now Emma had enough rage to just maybe figure out who this masked killer is.

While Emma’s video is still the topic of conversation when Emma went to school, it was quickly overshadowed by the vigil being held for Riley that night. The vigil, however, was not so distracting to the murderer who threatened Emma not to say anything about their private phone calls to the new detective in town or else he would hurt her mother. So Emma stayed silent… well, about that.

She gave Will a very public, well deserved, verbal shutdown and a proper slap after Brooke shared with her that Will sleeping with Emma that night on the video, was a bet set up by Nina.

Did Nina really need another reason to be hated?

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Emma finally breaking ties with Will was a fantastic scene. She is slowly realizing the friends she has are not even close to being her allies. That’s why she should really just surround herself with more Noah and Audrey time, especially when they spend their time discussing Superman’s new fashion statement of a mock turtleneck and hacking into computers.

Audrey and Noah were nearly caught when they decided to hack into Mr. Branson’s computer because they realized he may be the one recording Emma. They did their best at making up a reason to be alone in his office, but it didn’t seem like he was very convinced of their innocence. Not like he’s innocent of anything either.

It doesn’t look like there is much between Brooke and Mr. Branson at the moment, but Brooke’s dad seems to be getting in deeper and deeper with his own secrets.

As we suspected, Will and Jake were the ones blackmailing Brooke’s dad. However, when they finally met him at some abandoned building, Will thought Jake took things a little too far. Jake, without any hesitancy, shoved the mayor’s head against the steering wheel and held a knife to his neck when he saw that he didn’t bring all of the money. Will then backed out of the plan.

Now, not only were Emma and Will completely over, but it looked like Will and Jake’s friendship was coming to an end when they got in a fight at school. Sure, it was Brooke who told the truth to Emma, but I think it was Jake’s “chickens and cows” comment that really sent him over the edge. Will was a master at raising people’s aggression by the middle of the episode when Audrey also took him down in self-defense class. Cue the slow clap, Noah.

A+ for Audrey.

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Jake and Will’s little fight didn’t stop Jake from telling Brooke all about the videos Nina used to make, including one of her dad. Of course he pitted it all on Will which the mayor overhears through his own spy cams around the house. However, he wasn’t able to see Jake showing Brooke the video of him dragging a body from the car.

Will is more innocent than Jake, but guilty enough to be the next target. Obviously Will is completely in the wrong with a number of choices he made, but compared to Jake…he’s an angel! Which makes me wonder…

Is Will going to be our next victim?

New questions to be answered:

Did the mayor murder his wife?

Next week, I’m looking forward to seeing more about Brooke’s dad and whether or not Brooke is right thinking that the body he had could have been her mother’s. That would explain her abrupt departure and lack of returned phone calls now wouldn’t it?

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Is Kieran a little crazy, or is he just your classic, brooding new guy?

The episode ends with a rather unique date between Kieran and Emma.

Kieran proved his romantic side by having an organic shooting range set up of his own making. 

How sweet. Really, it’s tugging at my heartstrings…

The date’s even sweeter after knowing he was MIA for a while when Riley was murdered and here we are watching him conquer at shooting a gun.


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The unusual date continues as they move on to hook up in the grass after an alluring conversation about whether or not the killer was watching them from the woods…the beginning of a darling, twisted couple. 

What is Jake’s problem? 

Sure, maybe he thinks he is helping, Will. But, what has him wanting to be so involved in his life? He’s got a vendetta against Will and it can’t just be some sort of jealousy complex. Only someone truly damaged would suggest a violent, destructive blackmailing scheme to get his best friend into college, instead of just helping him perfect some scholarship essays. 

This show continues to surprise me with continuous developing storylines and a consistent stream of new secrets being revealed and answered. From the preview it looks like Emma may finally have a face to face encounter with the Brandon James wannabe. But, let’s not forget… 

Nothing is ever as it seems.

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3.5 out of 5