Scream episode 6 review: Betrayed

The list of potential Ghostface killers only gets more confusing in this week's episode of MTV's Scream...

This review contains spoilers.

1.6 Betrayed

I find myself wanting to begin each of these reviews by just saying, “Poor Emma.” Can’t a girl get laid in the woods without having to dream about being stabbed by herself in a mask in a creepy cabin in said woods? Poor Emma. As things continue to go awry regardless of Emma’s good intentions, her friends are desperate to right some of their own wrongs. For some, it’s a conscience thing, but for others, there’s a lot more at stake.

“Everybody loves a redemption story,” Piper tells Will, and he spends this week trying to prove that true–to not great results, unfortunately. It doesn’t work with Brooke, who tells him he’s “messed with the wrong family” by trying to blackmail her dad. It definitely doesn’t work with Jake, who all but tries to kill him with a barbell. And it seems to work when he hands over the money and video to Brooke’s dad… until it doesn’t, and we finally get some good stabby action on the part of Ghostface, who comes out of nowhere to attack Will and Piper. RIP Will! Or maybe not. He’s still alive as he gets dragged away, but that’s a lot of blood loss for him to last for too long. So maybe he’s not the killer?

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Everyone is still a suspect, though, like Noah says–and he’s making the list (which is kind of a sketchy thing to say, now that I think about it). In any case, this week, the list only gets more confusing, as one suspect looks less menacing in the light of day, and another’s guilt hits scarily close to home. Mr. Hanson-as-Manson might have an out, as Noah discovers a way that Nina and Tyler could have used their access to frame him. So, we can move him down the list–for now. We’re still waiting to know why he’s living under an assumed name, after all.

Audrey, though? It does NOT look good for her for the better part of the episode. It’s devastating, of course, to think that she’d be capable of what that new mean detective lady seems to think she’s capable of. She’s our tragic underdog, our broody BFF; her tough-girl act has seemed like just that–an act to cover for her barely-hidden heartbreak. Thus, it seems like a frame-up job when the police take her out of class for questioning. But, as Noah and Emma find out when they recover the SD card she begs Emma to destroy, Audrey’s ostensible angst has just been the tip of a very angry iceberg. Emma and Noah both have a hard time digesting Audrey’s threatening rage about Nina from the night of her murder. Noah decides to go with a healthy dose of denial, as Emma realizes she’s not gotten a call from Scaryvoice while Audrey’s been in custody, so…

In the end, Audrey is let off the hook, since Hud is able to prove that the DNA found on the mask in the hospital–originally attributed to Audrey–could have been compromised. Not only that, Emma straight up lies to Mean Detective Lady, telling her that Audrey was covering for her that night. This seems to be a redemptive moment of Emma’s own, as it’s a big-time reparation for her part in the video that helped trigger this whole thing. I can’t help but think it’s going to come back and bite her, though, and doubts about Audrey herself are still not completely cleared up anyway.

Finally, Maggie gets something off her chest that has haunted her for 20 years–Brandon James was her childhood next-door neighbour, as she shows Emma on a late-night trip to her pre-murders family home. The bombshell, though, is that she has serious doubts as to James’s guilt in the original murders.

If Brandon James didn’t do it all those years ago, then who is doing it now? While this week’s episode brought some important catharses for some characters, it raised many more questions. With four episodes to go, I’m looking forward to getting some answers.

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