Scream: Let the Right One In Review

With all these new faces on Scream season 2, it's hard to know who is torturing who.

This Scream: The TV Series review contains spoilers

Scream Season 2, Episde 7

“I destroyed her life.”

Audrey is feeling all kinds of guilt, whether it is about bringing Piper to town or lying about it to her closest friends. While Noah urges Audrey to come clean to Emma, she refuses. So, Audrey’s secret stays between her and Noah … for at least half of the episode.

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Zoey plans a fun date for her and Noah where we see how much she likes Noah and how jealous she is of Audrey. But, is Audrey jealous too? While she plays the encouraging best friend role after Zoey asks Noah out, she looks a little off put by his excitement.


While Noah is off wooing Zoey, Audrey is helping Brooke figure out what happened to Mr. Branson after her night of torment with him. When “Branson” messages Brooke to meet him at the school, Audrey goes with her and makes Brooke stay outside while she inspects first. There was no way that Audrey was putting anymore of her friends in danger, especially after a warning from the killer. She soon realizes it was a set up when they find Ms. Lang half dead and the ambulance on the way. They can thank the janitor for saving their lives on that one or else, once again, Audrey would be framed for murder.

The killer seems to have a special eye for Audrey this season and she can’t seem to shake the limelight. Does this year’s killer have more of a connection with Piper or one of the Lakewood five?

“Someone better be dead. Wait, is someone dead?”

Noah and Zoey’s romantic night gets quickly crashed by Audrey needing to tell Noah about what happened with Ms. Lang. He was pissed for Audrey’s interruption, but surprised by the news Audrey shared. However, maybe not as shocked as he would have been if he found out what Zoey did when he had left the room earlier.

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She just happens to find the recording of Audrey confessing to bringing Piper to town and since it looks like Zoey isn’t Audrey’s number one fan like Noah is…she is going to hold that against her.

Zoey is beyond the jealous girlfriend though at this point. The fact that she didn’t instantly call the cops after finding Audrey’s confession says that she plans to use it to her advantage in some way.

“I really need you to give me some space, or I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Emma is particularly agitated this week after she finds out Kieran, once again, went to the sherriff and shared more information with him about Emma.

Creepy Eli of course comforts Emma and explains how Kieran just wants to protect her. If his plan to get with Emma starts with talking up her boyfriend, then his game may be a little off.


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Emma still stupidly decides to take him up on his offer to cheer her up by having dinner with him in an abandoned building. He outs to her that he enjoys sneaking into other people’s houses and pretending he has a different life. He gives his strange fetish the sweet name of, “Goldilocks-ing.”

Come on, Emma.

She should really know better by now than to go inside a hole in a fence with a warning sign on it. For some reason, Emma has somewhat fallen under his spell. Not enough though to engage with Eli after he tries to kisse her.

In Eli’s attempt to put the moves on Emma, viewers were given a few quick glances of who was upstairs in that abandoned building.

We see Branson once more since the killer “Jamie Lanistered” him and left him for dead. He too was at the school. Just before Ms. Lang is attacked, she finds Branson without his hand and covered in blood. The killer then catches up to them and while it seems like he is about to kill her, instead he stabs Branson and adds to his already blood soaked ensemble.

Well, if you thought he was dead here … not quite. Somehow Branson (and Eddie from the hotel) were cleverly placed in a bathtub upstairs. When the smoke alarm goes off on Eli and Emma’s “semi date,” it’s pretty clear that only those two are making it out alive. Branson woke up one last time to see the swelling flames devour this house and his life.

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Did Eli know they were up there…?


Ms. Lang

So, we know now that Mr. Lang isn’t linked to the murderer…but she is definitely up to something. She had a whole drawer full of recorded conversations with Emma, which it looked like the killer stole during the whole fiasco in the school. My first thought was that she was going to edit them and make her look guilty for something…but, maybe not anymore.

Emma’s Stalker

The Sherriff once again visited Emma about her “stalker.” Her mom encourages Emma to tell him about the abandoned house she went to earlier in the season with all the creepy photos of her. However, when the Sherriff goes to the location and finds only one last photo of a younger Emma with a man (her dad?) who’s face is scratched off, he makes a suspicious phone call to an unknown person saying they had a bigger problem than they thought.

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With more characters in the mix this season, it is proving even more difficult to pin down who is torturing these Lakewood kids. No one feels trustworthy at this point. And with what looks like a gun in Emma’s hands in next week’s preview, she doesn’t think so either.




3 out of 5