Scream: The Orphanage Review

A ‘special friend’ tore through Lakewood in last night’s episode and left a long trail of blood behind. Here’s our review.

This Scream review contains spoilers.

Scream: Season 2, Episode 9

Everyone was at odds with each other at the start of the episode, which never seems like a good place to be when a killer is on the loose. Emma hates Audrey, Kieran hates Audrey, Noah’s mad at Audrey…okay, so it looks like most of this has to do with Audrey. However, she spends most of the episode trying to figure out how to explain to Emma about her involvement with Piper while Kieran and Emma teamed up to discover more about Ms. Lang.

I Must Never Tell Lies

Audrey was really paying for it in last night’s episode. Noah reminds her that she should have fessed up to Emma sooner, but it was too late for all of that. After Emma’s very obvious expression of hatred towards her when she pushed her into the lockers at school, Audrey knew it would take a lot more to win Emma back as a friend.

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However, their separation let to a new team that I surprisingly enjoyed: Emma and Kieran. Yeah, I know they have been together for a while, but not as much in the sense that he and Emma actually work together to solve something. Most of their time together recently seems like Kieran trying to protect Emma or keep her away from Eli or putting her in a plastic bubble. But, finally we see them working as a team trying to figure out Ms. Lang’s fascination (to put it lightly) with Emma and a good team they make at that!

Kieran even pulled a move out of the Emma handbook and stole Ms. Lang’s keys from her personal effects at the hospital. This is, of course, after they tried to talk with her, and the look of terror on Ms. Lang’s face when she saw Emma was chilling. Maybe she thinks Emma is the one who pushed her down the stairs? Well, it’s hard not to blame Emma for being suspicious with all the evidence. Especially after she found one of Ms. Lang’s tapes hanging from a lock of hair in her locker.


Stavo and Brooke’s relationship actually made him more honest when he told her what he found in his dad’s office at the police station. There was a text message between Jake and Brooke’s dad about hiring Jake to burn a building down in his field development. So an even larger wedge as been driven between Brooke and her dad after she confronted him about this and blamed him for Jake’s murder.

While Stavo may have been truthful here, he hasn’t told Brooke the whole truth about himself. We finally discover that back when he lived in Phoenix, he found his dad’s gun and it went off, shooting his friend in the face. But, instead of reporting it right away, he decided to do some art work of his friend’s dead body.


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Okay, so even if Stavo isn’t the murderer…he definitely sends out the creepy vibes! I am so confused on what we are supposed to make of him as we always catch him lurking in the background; observing. Are we just supposed to accept that he has a weird fetish, or are these clues to something bigger? Santiago Segura impresses me every week as Stavo. He always seems just a slight bit darker than the week before and even more complicated. He is a hard one to figure out…and that is exactly the point.

Oh, Blessed Sisters

One thing Kieran and Emma did discover in Ms. Lang’s house was a picture of both her and Piper as children at Blessed Sisters Children’s Home — that was once an insane asylum.

How lovely…

So, when Kieran and Emma got to check it out, she finds out a party is being thrown in her and Audrey’s name. Teenagers were everywhere in Brandon James-like masks and Emma found Hayley passing them out, claiming to be the one to spread the word about the party as a joke. Apparently the guy she was seeing wanted her to prank Emma and Audrey…

I’m sure Hayley was happy to toy with Emma, but not so happy when the guy she was seeing turned out to be the new Lakewood killer.

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So, She Married a Serial Killer

What is still unclear at this point is whether or not Hayley actually was seeing the killer, or if the killer was just keeping his face hidden underneath the mask so she couldn’t see that it really wasn’t her boyfriend under there.

My guess is that she was seeing the killer, but of course, didn’t know it. A gory scene followed after we see Hayley approach her masked boyfriend and he’s left in a puddle of her blood.

Before this even happened, Audrey rushed to the party after being contacted by said killer suggesting that Noah was the next target. As Emma and Audrey teamed up surprisingly to find both Noah and Kieran at the party, they happen upon Piper’s decaying body sitting in a rocking chair. Thankfully Kieran had already called the cops who confirmed that Audrey and Emma were set up and not really responsible for the party.

But, honestly…it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

A Special Friend

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Audrey finally accused Zoey of sending out her confession to Emma. But, after a lot of tracing and hacking, Noah confirmed that it wasn’t Zoey. This revelation led Audrey to be even more frustrated when she stormed out and led to Zoey and Noah in bed together at last.

However, I am still not nearly as sold on Zoey as Noah is and feel like she has more to her story than we are getting at this point. She may not be the “special friend” that sent Emma that e-mail, but that doesn’t mean she is good.

We did find out that the “special friend” was most likely the killer, but with the help of Hayley whose body was later found hanging from the ceiling under those exact words: “A Special Friend.”

With the tension throughout the episode, I thought for sure one of the Lakewood teens would get attacked. But, now after seeing next week’s preview, it would appear the Noah may not get off so lucky as he has before.

Until next time!

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4 out of 5