Scream: Dawn of the Dead Review

It was tight quarters in last night’s Scream, leading to high running emotions and decision-making that made for some unappealing moves.

This Scream review contains spoilers.

Scream Season 2 Episode 5

No one was able to leave the school after the police put it in lockdown due to last week’s graphic reveal of Jake’s dead body falling before a traumatized and rather bloody Brooke. It was like a bizarre Breakfast Club where no one ended up leaving happy in the end and any sort of revelations were met with more questions and more pain. 

This has definitely been the best episode so far of the season and it didn’t even have to leave the hallways of the school. The gold was putting the students all together in the learning center. The tension ran so high the characters who are usually good about keeping quiet, were finally breaking.

It was no shock that Emma started panicking, especially after she realized Jake’s phone had been planted in her backpack. The questionable moment came later after the girl from the movie theater (who played a horrible prank on Audrey in the first episode) started blaming all of this on Emma. Emma lashed out, leading her to being taken away by Ms. Lang. She is already someone who causes suspicion. And when we see her lock Emma in an empty room in last night’s episode, I think it is safe to say she has some involvement in Emma’s torture rerun. Particularly when the killer showed up outside the room’s window making Emma break the glass with a chair. 

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The police questioned and questioned her throughout the whole episode, but for some reason they let her go. I think if I found the murdered victim’s cellphone in someone’s belongings, I’d ask a few more questions. 

Sherriff Acosta seems oddly devoted to this case, even though he excused Emma’s mom from it saying she was too emotionally attached. Maybe he isn’t emotional, but there is something specific he is looking for and it may or may not involve Brooke’s dad. 

It’s hard to tell at this point whether or not he is good or bad, but as for his son? That’s a whole other story.

Audrey, after constantly questioning Stavo’s motives, decides to swipe his iPad and display to everyone the bloody pictures he had been drawing of the Lakewood six and other students. The new one in last night’s episode was of Zoe who looked brutally slaughtered. His classmates proceeded to beat him up, which none of the Lakewood six had partaken in. Kieran even tried to fend them off, but the damage had already been done. Audrey’s attempt at an apology only ended in a vocal threat from Stavo.

Who can really blame him though right?

However, despite the students’ animalistic and barbaric behavior towards him, he still hasn’t really explained his disturbing drawings other than they are for a “comic.” Too bad pictures of severed heads and bloody corpses don’t get off that easy with such a generic explanation. It’s just make believe… it isn’t real. 

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That would be the moment Noah would make a horror movie reference in response to how ridiculous of a defense that was. 

Noah was preoccupied, however, catching Audrey in quite a few royal slip ups. His distrust for Audrey grows by the episode and last night it was to the point where he was stealing her phone. Will Noah confront Audrey about the texts? About the video of her with Jake’s body? 

Meanwhile, too slick Eli is still trying to win over Emma and now may be his chance. Kieran was the one who told the cops Emma had Jake’s phone. She, however, doesn’t realize that the sherriff blackmailed him after finding a gun in his locker.

Really, Kieran. A gun? 

Apparently, it was to protect himself which I actually believe, but now Emma has become even more distant from him. Even though he doesn’t know it, he is openly pushing her into Eli’s arms.

Who I Still Don’t Like 

Emma’s Teacher, Ms. Lang 

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Emma seemed to be questionable of Ms. Lang after realizing she had locked her in that room. Of course, the response was that she wanted Emma to feel safe. Well, I call BS. I think the killer has something on her and is just a piece in whatever game is being played. 


Someone who is as much of a kiss ass as Eli is and is always trying to be better than anyone else, should be enough red flags. But, all Emma sees is a guy who actually listens to her and believes her without any questions. Unfortunately, Emma is in a place to find that comforting, instead of disconcerting. 

Sherriff Acosta

Alright, I think maybe ultimately he is just being misunderstood, like his son Stavo. This guy just wants answers and isn’t willing to play nice to get them. The most sympathetic he was in the entire episode was to a distraught Brooke who confessed she believed it was Mr. Branson who killed Jake. Who knows if he will follow that lead, but he did seem to actually care about what Brooke had to say. Despite this, he is still one to keep an eye on.

In next week’s episode, it looks like Noah comes to tell Emma about whatever it is going on with Audrey. She of course, doesn’t believe it. I mean, who would right?

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It’s make believe.

It’s not real. 

Until next week!


3.5 out of 5