Scream: Vacancy Review

Audrey sunk deeper into the mud as Emma saw a new side to her father on this week's Scream. Here’s our review...

This Scream review contains spoilers.

Scream Season 2 Episode 3

It is looking worse and worse for Audrey as the weeks go by, getting further away from her innocence and into too many compromising positions. Last night’s episode only made Audrey look guiltier as Emma’s relationship with her dad began to waiver. The Lakewood six, I’m sure, will eventually find out what happened to Jake. But, until then… little clues and hints will hopefully lead to the discovery of what happened to Jake and that a new killer is in town.

It is hard to watch Noah so in the dark with Audrey. Noah knows everything he almost needs to know about who Piper’s accomplice was, but will he ever suspect his best friend? Especially since she can’t play it cool about anything?

When Audrey thought Noah was about to figure out who she was, she had raised a thick set bookend over his head.

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Was Audrey going to smash the computer screen… or Noah? I am seriously crossing my fingers for the computer screen. With Audrey’s franticness and the fact that she kept ditching out on her friends may be enough for Noah to start being curious. 

Then Audrey turned the tables on us when she came to Emma’s rescue at the very end. Well, Emma actually had it pretty handled herself, but it was a rough night for Emma after watching her dad drunkenly beat up a man at the bar. She then finds out he hit her mom once in a fit of rage and that’s a huge reason why Emma’s mom kept him from her. 

What the characters know now…

The pictures/text:

The text sent from Kevin’s phone to Emma to meet him at the hotel was not actually from him. Not to mention the pictures of her were planted there by none other than, the masked man.

Brooke’s Flowers:

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They most definitely were not from dead Jake. While we already knew this, what we didn’t know was that it was Branson who sent those to Brooke. Thanks for bringing him back on the show to reassure how much of a jerk he is. I don’t know if he will be back, but watching Stavo pretend to be Brooke’s boyfriend so Branson would back off could mean the start of a new relationship for Brooke.


The Motel Guy:

Oh yeah, the sweet motel guy was the brutal slaughter of the night. He was knocked to the ground by the killer and then stabbed over and over again with a wine bottle opener. At least, that’s what I think it was since I could hardly watch. A quality scene though when we realize the killer is in the room with him as he slowly peeled himself from underneath thick hotel bed sheets.

Classic and still so creepy.


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Yeah, Eli is still odd and while nothing really concrete was brought to light about this one, his general creepiness is not so endearing and one to be watched…

Will Jake’s fate finally be revealed in next week’s episode? According to the previews, it looks like a whole lot of partying with some killer tainted liquor. 

Not a good recipe.

Until next time!


2.5 out of 5