Scream: Happy Birthday to Me Review

The Lakewood teens took a long trip in last night’s, Scream episode, but it was no vacation for any of them.

This Scream review contains spoilers.

Scream Season 2 Episode 4

When Eli tricked Emma into thinking Kieran wanted a huge surprise party for his birthday, she went out of her way to make it happen. What they thought would include drunk teenagers and a happy Kieran ended up being a huge disaster. After a note from “Jake” showed up attached to a bottle of tequila as a birthday gift for Kieran, the partygoers eventually realized that the tequila was not quite what they thought. That’s when the carnage of puking teens and hallucinations turned the party into one big LSD trip. The group was confronted with fears or wild imaginations that made their morning after…a tad uncomfortable.

So where do the Lakewood six (or five, rather) stand after last night’s chaos?


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The new killer is not even close to letting Audrey off the hook for whatever it is she has done. The creators are really keeping us in the dark as to just what Audrey’s involvement was with Piper, so we are left apprehensive by any of Audrey’s actions. When the killer appeared to have snuck into Audrey’s room and planted the murder weapon from last week’s episode in her bed, it feels like Audrey is taking Emma’s place as the new person to be tormented.

However, when Audrey ingests the tequila laced with ayahuasca (as Stavo clearly informed everyone about what that drug was during the party), her paranoia subsided when she ended up lip-locking with Noah! 

Didn’t see that one coming. 

Of course, she was hallucinating that he was her dead, ex-girlfriend who appeared with a rope around her raw neck as Audrey tried to apologize to her. 

So, Audrey blames herself for her ex’s death. Back in season one, she was definitely a suspect in her death, but that was quickly dismissed and I thought Audrey’s name had been cleared. They are clearly not letting Audrey off the hook for anything this season, making Audrey’s distrust a driving force in each episode. 


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Did Noah enjoy kissing his best friend? While Zoey seemed into it at the time (who also made out with both Noah and Audrey) the following day, she was discouraged by Noah’s actions and decided it was best to part ways. Noah was left confused, but still curious and questioning why Audrey was apologizing to him right before they kissed. 

Noah is onto Audrey whether he knows it or not at this point. But, would Audrey actually hurt Noah when it finally comes to the point when he has pieced it all together? 


Emma’s trip wasn’t nearly as lighthearted as Noah’s or Zoey’s. After yelling at Eli about lying to her at the about what Kieran wanted for his birthday (and secretly confused about why there was an almost kiss between them earlier that night), she somehow ended up on her own in the woods. At first she believed her hallucinations were fake, that the killer wasn’t out in the woods plunging towards her with a knife. But, eventually it felt all too real and when her dad found her in the woods… she was already claiming that someone in the Brandon James mask was out there. 

Kieran had a hard time believing what Emma saw was true and when Eli sees Kieran’s doubt, he tries to appeal to Emma’s good graces by saying he believes her. Emma doesn’t fall for it thought and makes a point to bring up that this isn’t a game, but that means what happened last year is on the verge of happening all over again.


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Brooke’s hallucinations were mostly with Jake and even included a cool 3D moment where fake Jake’s fingers curled over the dark edges of the widescreen letterbox. It was a great moment in the episode, blurring the lines further between reality and imagination. 

Stavo, of course was there and tried to help Brooke through her trip. While Audrey is convinced Stavo is the one playing games with her and who maybe killed Jake, Brooke is finally starting to warm up to him. But, when the Carrie of all Carrie moments sent Brooke into a blood-curdling scream, who knows who she will continue to trust.


A thick layer of blood covered Brooke only a few moments after she was chosen to be a “Lady of the Lake,” and Jake’s body spilled down in front of her. Now there is no questioning that a killer is back. People can stop looking at Emma like she is Harry Potter trying to desperately tell everyone Voldemort was back, while no one listened. And now the Cornelius Fudge of it all, (Sheriff Acosta) will see the truth in next week’s episode and is determined to catch this new murderer. 

Now that everyone finally knows what happened to Jake, will Noah get closer to figuring out just how involved Audrey is involved in all of this? 

We shall see! 

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