Rick and Morty: When Will Season 7 Premiere and What to Expect

Now that Rick and Morty season 6 is over, here's everything we know so far about season 7

Rick and Morty Season 6
Photo: Adult Swim

This article contains spoilers for season 6 of Rick and Morty.

The season 6 finale of Rick and Morty Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation” was another festive episode that saw Morty (Justin Roiland) get to live out his dreams of being a Jedi for a brief moment before his functional lightsaber threatens the planet and almost ruins Christmas. As he tries to stop his lightsaber from reaching the Earth’s core, Morty discovers that Rick (also Justin Roiland) replaced himself with a robot in order to continue his search for Rick Prime, the Rick that killed his family and Morty’s true grandpa. 

The episode ends with Rick inviting Morty to join him on his potentially life-long quest to take down Rick Prime, and Morty agrees, setting up a potential season-long arc for the pair. Rick Prime has found a way to exist simultaneously in multiple timelines, so there’s no guarantee that our Rick and Morty will ever be successful in finding him, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try.

Now that season 6 is over, here’s everything we know about season 7 of Rick and Morty so far.

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When Will Season 7 Premiere?

While we don’t have an exact date for Rick and Morty’s return, it’s fairly safe to assume that season 7 should come sometime next year. Series co-creator Dan Harmon told The Wrap in August that “This is the strangest thing I’ve ever said about the show and it still feels unreal to say it, but we’ll be doing a season a year now. I still don’t understand how that’s possible. But that’s why it never happened on my watch. [Showrunner] Scott [Marder] is able to keep us on a schedule that mostly involves being so ahead of schedule that we can actually release things in a timely manner.”

Season 5 was released in the summer of 2021 and season 6 premiered in late summer/early fall of 2022, so until an official date is announced, I would tentatively guess that season 7 would premiere sometime between mid to late 2023.

What to Expect from Season 7

We don’t know many specifics on where season 7 will take Rick, Morty, and the Smith family, but the season 6 finale did clue us in on the central plot for next season. Rick explicitly states that the hunt for Rick Prime will be the focus of season 7 in the season 6 finale, hinting that the series will once again take us across the multiverse rather than focus on the singular timeline that season 6 has. Though I wouldn’t put too much stake into what Rick says until we start to see how season 7 plays out, it would be interesting to see a more serialized season of Rick and Morty and if they actually find Rick Prime before the season is over.

Aside from the Galactic Federation, there haven’t really been any other “big bads” in the series, especially not one with a whole season dedicated to tracking them down or fighting them. Now that the portal gun is fixed, there’s really no limit to where we could see Rick and Morty go next season in their quest for vengeance and justice.