Netflix’s Tribes of Europa Ending Explained

With major finale spoilers, we delve into the unanswered questions of the Tribes of Europa cliffhanger ending

Netflix Tribes of Europa siblings
Photo: Netflix

Netflix’s Tribes of Europa is a new apocalyptic mystery created by the producers of Dark, W&B Television. The new series arrived on the streaming service on February 19th, with all six episodes available to watch now. Tribes of Europa follows a similar path to that of Dark, film franchise The Hunger Games and hit series Game of Thrones, where families set out with a mammoth mission of saving the world from further catastrophe.

Like many other great Netflix series, Tribes of Europa ends with an agonising cliffhanger. There’s currently no word about a second season, and the first finishes with plenty of questions around the plot. We’ve pulled together the answers to some burning questions below.

Do Elja and Moses Get to Their Destination?

Yes, Elja and Moses manage to get to the shoreline just as the mysterious cube is about to conk out. Nothing seems to happen at first, but after Elja tosses said cube into the water, some sort of transportation device, shaped like a tank-elevator hybrid, appears and the pair step inside before being submerged in the water below.

What a way to end! We have no idea where they’re going, but can only guess that this may be Atlantis. Remember the injured pilot in the first episode? The Atlantian? Well, hopefully they are visiting his family after all. Perhaps the Atlantian Tribe has remained unaffected by the catastrophes for the most part because it’s hidden, and the only way to get to it is through this elevator-like device.

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Where is Liv?

Liv is still plodding about with Grieta, holding out hope that she can negotiate a hostage swap at Brahtok. But, Liv ends up letting Grieta go and the pair are held at gunpoint by David, yet Liv refuses to go with him. He stages a fake shooting so the women can flee, but Liv meets Alia from the Femen Tribe soon after Grieta expires. Alia speaks English and Spanish and appears to be from a female only tribe. Another tribe.

But, in a nutshell, they’ve not really got any further than they had five episodes earlier. Surely this massively open ending can only mean another season has to be commissioned?

We did see a great progression of friendship between the unlikely duo, though, and Liv was clearly saddened at Grieta’s passing.

Kiano the Crow

Oh dear, Kiano. His relationship with Varvara throughout the series has been nothing short of toxic and uncomfortable. He’s used as a plaything throughout, and at the last moment, when wanting to free his captive father Jakob, he actually ends up having to kill him during a bloodsport game in order to save his own life. The poor boy ends up as Bozie and servant of the barbaric Lord Varvara and is given a new name: Tarok.

Kiano had expressed his interest in becoming a Crow, but is he planning on being a double agent? Does he have a plan to destroy the tribe from the inside? We hope so. But, seeing him take on his powerhouse of a sister and Elja who now holds the power of the cube, could be very interesting.

Will there be a Season 2?

With the premise of Tribes of Europa focusing on siblings Kiano, Liv and Elja being separated, and constantly trying to find their way back to each other while saving the world at the same time, we can only hope that they’ll be reunited. But do we think they will be back together soon? Absolutely not. If Game of Thrones is anything to go by, then this is just the beginning – think the Stark siblings being split and Ned getting killed off in series one, there are plenty of parallels to draw upon.

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We’ve clearly only skimmed the surface with the stories that we have unravelled in season one, so if the ratings do well, there seems to be no reason why another season wouldn’t be possible.

Time Travel?

Could it be possible that there is a time travel element? Perhaps Atlantians are living in another time altogether, not just safe from attack but from the twists of what happened 45 years prior. Tribes of Europa has a lot in common with fellow German sci-fi Dark, and is created by the same producers, so why would there not be an even deeper element added in further series? Let’s imagine that time travel is possible, then Jakob’s death may be reversible.

The only things that we do know for a potential season two, would be that the characters who were killed are unlikely to return unless we get a much needed flashback to ‘Black December’.

Tribes of Europa is available to stream on Netflix now.