Nashville Winter Finale Review: To Have a Second Chance

In the Nashville winter finale, Deacon wakes up in a hospital as Rayna and Luke dissolve, and Javery gets legalized.


Luke shakes Deacon’s hand thanking him for his help on tour and then doesn’t wait two seconds to verbally sucker-puch Deacon by yelling to the Roadies to get a move on “I’ve got people waiting for me in Nashville.” But more importantly… Rayna’s sister Tandy Milk Toast is back just in time for the non-wedding!


Shout out to the b-roll crew! Rayna looking at her giant rock engagement ring from Luke and then re-reading the Rolling Stone article about her and Deacon the night before her wedding almost had me spill my Pinot Noir all over my chambray shirt. The b-roll of the Javery wedding was adorable though and we are proud of Hayden Panettiere for flaunting that giant baby bump under that sheer top. We hope to see some mellowing out in Juliette’s future and no more trips to crazy town. (Or is that boring TV?)

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The Javery wedding scene followed by Rayna driving away from Luke in her giant SUV with her even more giant rock in the cup holder. If Rayna doesn’t give that back she will be sending the wrong message to all women who watch this show, mark my words. (Please note that I am skipping over Deacon’s cirrhosis of the liver and cancer scare because I. CAN. NOT. COMPUTE.)


  •  “Didn’t know you were so enamored by water foul” – Scarlet “Marble Mouth” O’Connor to her Uncle Deacon upon seeing his excitement to see ducks. I had to rewind that scene almost 12 times to make sure I caught it correctly.
  • Rayna’s kids talked to Luke about going to Boarding School last week and this is the first Rayna is hearing about it? What is this – Three Men And A Little Lady?
  • Jeff the Creep’s line of the night: “Clearly she’s not getting it at home so better she’s getting it from me instead of a stranger we can’t control.”

I give this episode three out of five stars. One star for Daphne and Maddie’s adorable performance of an original song for their mom’s engagement party. One star for Rayna finally kicking Luke out and him gingerly kicking the lightweight rental chairs in faux anger and one star for Rayna’s coif. No star for Layla’s stupid “I’m going to take several pills with liquor and then go swimming” charade and no star for Gunnar’s “a blind man can see for a mile away I’m not going to end up being the father” storyline. Can’t wait to see Rayna and Deacon find their way back to each other in the next episode! Have a happy holiday, fantastic new years, and I’ll see you in 2015!

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3 out of 5