Nashville: I Can’t Get Over You To Save My Life Review

In tonight's episode, Rayna sets a wedding date and Juliette eats a pint of ice cream. Here's our review.

Kudos to Juliette for agreeing to not look so hot most of the episode to play up her first trimester discomfort and anxiety about telling Avery. Not so kudos to the writers to continue plodding on down the Rayna-Luke wedding path. No one seems happy about Rayna’s wedding, even Rayna. Except when she’s talking to Luke about it. The only thing more boring than this storyline is the ‘Teddy the clueless father’ one. Yawn.


In a photo-shoot with Luke in the first scene, Rayna uses the word re-tweet. If her hair didn’t look so perfect I would have changed the channel then and never looked back. But it looked amazing as always and Juliette looked not so great with some super fun morning sickness. Deacon and Maddie continue to build on their relationship with tender moments punctuated by tween outbursts as they prepare for Deacon going on tour with Rayna’s fiancé Luke.


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Layla figures out that blackmailing her closeted husband Will is a real waste of her time and sets her eye on a bigger prize; Jeff Fordham. He tries his usual “I’m overly mean to women for seemingly no reason” ways on her but she stops him in his tracks when she spells out that he either helps her make a record or she outs his only money maker. Match point. Game.


Is it me, or does it seem like Teddy wishes Deacon was Daphne’s biological dad also so he could spend more time putting on his tie or sitting in a chair or whatever boring stuff he does on this show. He phones in the job of being a dad even more than mine did, and mine left when I was eleven. (Kidding, hi Dad!) This was tonight’s parenting moment between Teddy and his daughter Maddie: “Can I go to like a totally normal party? TONS of parents will be there.” “Okay.” “I promi- oh. Did you just say okay? Wow, that was easy. Bye!”


Driving home, Rayna is on a conference call regarding her nuptials. Just before falling asleep at the wheel talking about them, she notices Juliette, looking no more or less awful than she has most of the episode, sitting on Rayna’s front steps. Juliette shows Rayna her sonogram and explains that she has no one else to turn to. And that is why I love this show. When Rayna is back to mentoring Juliette, all is right in the world.


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• I’ve seen Twitter talk about how boring Gunnar and Zoey are as a couple but to me, they are the only realistic couple on the show. Plus, they know how to fight fair and should teach lessons to the rest of the characters. (Not really, where’s the fun in that?)• In case you forgot Juliette was pregnant, the director had her enter her house with the lid already off a carton of ice cream BECAUSE SHE COULDN’T WAIT TO EAT IT BECAUSE SHE’S PREGNANT, GET IT???

• Teddy sucks.

• Did anyone else want Will to Beyonce walk away from Layla after he yelled “I might be gay, but you’re insane!” at her? Well if you didn’t before, I bet you do now!

I give this episode 4 out of 5 stars. Minus one star for the cringeworthy reveal of Luke’s new tattoo of Rayna’s name on his forearm. “That song wasn’t the only surprise I had up my sleeve.” Barf. Barf. Barf. Plus one star for every make out scene. 1. Rayna and Luke. 2. Deacon and that groupie who looks the chick who played his sister last season. 3. Will and his trainer. 4. Avery and his fan. Yay make out scenes! Here’s hoping for more next week!

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4 out of 5