Nashville: I’m Coming Home to You Review

In tonight’s episode of Nashville, Javery makes up, Ruke has a verbal wedding and Mayor Sad Dad has the night off...

Tonight’s episode of Nashville was action packed with Scarlett taking the stage again at the Bluebird, Avery taking his spot at the parenting table with Juliette, and Gunnar stepping up to 50 percent parenting the kid he didn’t know about…and ending up with 100 percent. Oh and that teeny tiny thing of Rayna and Luke walking in on their kids kissing and then having their own mini-wedding of whisper vows after telling their kids to just “knock it off.”


Everyone took the weekend off from their tours and was back in Nashville for a little R&R. Rayna performed a solo on Dancing With The Stars, looking as amazing as ever, and Avery and Juliette meet with the OB. Avery wants to know the gender, but shockingly enough, Juliette the contrarian doesn’t!

Rayna gets the opportunity to be on the cover of Rolling Stone with a feature story, so she has to forgo family time for her career. This show does a great job of showing the sacrifices of this lifestyle; particularly with Rayna and Will’s storylines. Will comes home to see that Layla has finally gotten her act together by writing her version of Adele’s breakup album fueled from her hate-fire towards Will. Nicely done Layla, you’ve come so far.

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I felt like I stepped the Canadian teen soap opera Degrassi: The Next Generation when Rayna and Luke escorted the Rolling Stone reporter through their house – and in on their two kids kissing each other. So Rayna has to swap her love story with Deacon for her child’s fake-incest story that Rolling Stone would have run instead, which is setting up next week to be a juicy episode when Luke and Deacon find out! 


Remember that kid Gunnar didn’t know about until a few weeks ago who, judging from tonight’s episode, has split personality disorder by calling Gunnar (who is a relative stranger) “Dad” one second and Gunnar the next? Welp, good news Zoey, he’s all Gunnar’s now! Because the mom character who didn’t bother to tell Gunnar about his son for nine years now decided Gunnar should raise him on his own and dipped out of town!

But the big closer was Rayna choosing to deal with all of this chaos and drama involving her family by consulting no one, not even her sister, Tandy “I got it at Ross” James, and doing her version of Grey’s Anatomy Derek and Meredith post-it marriage by slow dancing and whispering vows into Luke’s ear.


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  • “Is your ex-husband invited to the wedding?” “Actually, he offered to officiate!” Wait, what? Why would he offer that? Why would you entertain that offer? Why would you tell Rolling Stone that?
  • Marble Mouth and Hobo Hank have a great mentor and song writing relationship brewing, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a songwriting couple on this show that didn’t sleep together. Place your bets!
  • When Rayna was scolding Maddie, I felt like I was watching Tammi Taylor from Friday Night Lights! Hey girl!
  • Layla can’t catch a break. No one wants to be portrayed as a Jessica Simpson on a reality show but making her incredulous to both that happening and her closeted husband – I hope they stop dumbing her down and give her more fun stuff to do like blackmail Jeff some more!  

I give this episode four out of five stars. I thought the music was super solid from Layla, Juliette, and Marble Mouth. I felt that all the characters felt necessary and had something to do this episode (although I missed Glenn and his hairpiece), and I liked that they are setting up Juliette and Avery to come back together. Also, Rayna knocked it off with the side pony tonight and let those gorgeous locks FLOW. It doesn’t get that fifth star because when the Rolling Stone reporter asked Rayna; “If Deacon didn’t relapse last fall would you two be together now?” All I could think was that the more accurate question is; “If you didn’t think you’d be renewed for a fourth season, would you two be together now?” and I think they are drawing way too long from this Ruke/Reacon well.

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4 out of 5